Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Run, run, run away!

So the husband got my treadmill on Saturday night and was setting it up when I got home. It's a really nice treadmill. We picked it out together several weeks ago and it's basically a Christmas gift that we both wanted. He wanted the Flex belt for ABS (I told him those things don't work but he insisted they do...). Good for him. We shall see how well that thing just "makes" abs without the heart rate being raised. If it was that easy we would all be supermodels, I say.

So to celebrate the purchase of that demonic contraption I will be learning how to run on...I went out yesterday and got me some runnin' shoes! Yepperz....they sure are purty and pretty darn comfy, I might add. I tested them out last night on the dready (pet name for the demonic treadmill) and it went well as it could go anyway. I mean I was huffin and puffin at .5 speed and 0 incline.....haha Not really....that would be sad. I look up at the husband and say it's time to tape the girls down because I can't run with them smacking me in the face. He said he doesn't ever remember seeing me run in the 8 years we have been together. I can believe it. I hate running. I told him the Biggest Loser contestants can run at like a 7 while they are training and I attempted that. *Note to self....7.0 is no bueno for Jessica at this point in time. I literally almost buckled and slid off. I am SOOOOO out of shape right now. I don't think I have actually worked out for real in several months. Up until last week my two friends and I were walking 4 miles about 4 nights a week. That did wonders for my calves but not much else. I wasn't getting a burn or anything really. I feel fatter than ever...literally. I don't think I have EVER had this much fat accumulated on my body at once even pre-band. Damn damn damn....

Time to get it poppin'

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Orleans...Bourbon St

Oh yes, I figured while I am on a roll and all with my sharing stuff after my 5 month disappearance...My friends and I just returned from our trip to New Orleans on Monday. It was only a weekend trip but it seemed like it lasted a week. It was a good time as usual. We got lots of cute and somewhat drunken pictures....haha. We went to the St Louis Cemetary 1 and I got pictures of Nicolas Cage's pyramid tomb and Maria Laveau's. Very interesting....Anyhoo

I figured you are all probably just dying to know how I am looking these days (don't get too excited...I'm not) so I am going to post some pictures of me trying on my outfits I bought to wear in NOLA. Here we go...

Friday Night


Saturday Night


Hello again....

Well, it's only been centuries since I posted anything. I almost gave up on it all, honestly. I have been guilty of lurking in the shadows and reading some posts every once in a blue moon (not very often actually). I just got depressed reading about everyone's "journey" and realizing that my journey has been put in reverse for a while now. Technically not a damn drop of progress made. I am still in this "rut" in the realm of fat where everyone resembles marshmallows with eyeballs and boobs. I have lost myself for the hundredth time. I am sick of it. And on top of it all, not that I blame anyone at all, I am losing followers too. Oh yes, my number is slowling decreasing. What's wrong with you people? You don't enjoy following someone on a blog that never....blogs??? hahaha Yeah I don't blame you.

Here's a plus in my cards....I am buying a really nice treadmill this weekend with the hubby as an early Christmas present to ourselves. Question is...will have the balls to use it?