Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where did funny go???

For some odd reason I decided today to go back to the beginning of my blog (January 2010), which seems like a century ago and read some of my old posts and you know what I realized?

I used to be a sarcastic, cheesy kinda way but still...funny.

I feel like maybe I have lost that a bit over the past year. Sad? Me thinks so. I also realized that my posts from now compared to then have a similar theme/ring to them which would be "NEVER MASTERING THE LOW CARB WORLD". Seriously...if you are ever bored and would like to be even MORE bored.....just travel back to some of my early posts and you'll see it's literally like a broken record. haha! Also, I realized that I type far too fast because I found so many grammar errors it was ridiculous. Hell, I've probably made some in this post already!

Anyway...I found one post in particular that actually had me laughing a little and figured I would re-post it since I don't have any interesting tid bits to share lately. This is just a piece of it. All of this stuff still "irks" me BTW. haha

 I have decided to devise a list of things that irk me. Things that probably wouldn't irk most people and I am trying to decide if I have some kind of mental problem or if I am just a mega-bitch. You tell me. (sigh)

1. The annoying sound of the teller sorting her mail near my desk. I can hear each piece of mail brush the table as they seperate the different kinds of deposits and stuff. IRK!

2. People constantly using the back office bathroom just because it's in a vault! Look people, use the big bathroom! Got news, your poopy is no secret seeing as you just locked yourself in a 3x3 room and took a number 2 and there's a line out of the door waiting for you to come out!!!! No secret you stink!

3. People who constantly ask me "Is it Friday yet?" all week long, all year long. No it's not Friday and here's a tip for ya, if you hate your job that much, get a new one!

4. My peach fuzz on my stomach has gotten darker since surgery so either I am turning into a he-she or I am the new Casper the friendly freakin ghost???

5. Jaw popping gum! No not smacking but popping like some people can chew gum and they make it pop while in their mouth on their teeth! Nails on a chalkboard to my ears! Stop that shit!

6. When someone you work with is on vacation or out sick and everyone and their momma keeps asking YOU if you have heard from them and how they are doing like you keep a journal of their every move! WTH? I don't live with em' people! Quit asking! Or better yet, here's the phone number figure it out!

7. When taco bell goes down totally smooth and I feel like I gained 10lbs in a day.

8. When my toenail polish flakes off of 3 different toes. I hate painting my toenails!

9. When the same damn people ask me every other day, "So how much have you lost?" seriously??? Ya just asked me that yesterday! Do ya think I will melt away overnight chicken head? (that was mean, but damn it IRKS me)

10. And FINALLY, driving! If I had a bazooka I would blow people on the road away (does that sound dirty? hmm). I say all the time I need my own highway named after me that only I can drive on and the world would be a better place! :)

The END.

I am going on my trip to New Braunfels tomorrow to scrape my ass on rocks  float on the river. We rented campers for the weekend and will be drinking and having a good ol' time. So expect some picture posts soon (assuming I don't look like a beached whale in them).

Have a great weekend everyone, and oh yeah, thanks for the comments on the bikini post. Appreciate it!

Smooches peeps!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's my bikini????

Ahh THERE IT IS!!!! LMAO! I don't know what happened to my photo yesterday....probably karma!

Let's try this again!

Oh yeah, and please excuse the squished boobs...Like I said yesterday, it is an extra large but in KIDS meaning boobless! haha

Anyhoo...I wish I could stay longer and chit chat. Thanks for all of your belated bday wishes!!!! Oh and you are totally right, DRAZ, I should ask Jenny to make me a kick ass header! That would be awesome! :)

Smooches boo boo's!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Big 25 and some pics!

Hi peeps!

Ok so Monday the 13th was my 25th birthday....(shhh...don't tell anyone ok?) I had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of activities. Sunday, my friends, the hubby, and me all went to the Kemah boardwalk and ate lunch at T-Bone Tom's (featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives one time) and then on to the Aquarium. For those of you who may not know....I LOVE PETS not food! I so enjoy going and seeing all the beatiful fish and we got to feed the stingrays again this year. They are like puppies when you have food! Monday, the BFF and I took off of work and had lunch with my mom and a few of my sisters at my favorite Mexican restaurant and before hand the BFF bought her and I a trip to the dry sauna at our tanning salon and we sweated our asses off for a good 40 minutes in that thing. I could NEVER live in the desert.....NEVER!

Here are a few photos:

The BFF paid to have a caricature done of us as a bday gift...I love it!

One of the pictures I took at the Aquarium

Another Aquarium picture. Isn't it awesome? They are so pretty.

This is a bikini I bought on Saturday to possibly wear to
the river trip next weekend.  What's funny is that I felt like
it was a bit tight and when I looked at the tag after I took it off
I realized that it was an extra KIDS! hahaha

I'm not sure how I manage to pose like that every time. It's like I have the unconcious know how of sticking that one leg out and sucking in like no other!!!! hahahaha I sure have not lost weight lately....more the opposite but I am taking a wise man's advice and going "back to the beginning" and starting this journey over again as if I am pre-op again. It's funny because I have only had protein shakes today and plenty of water but I am not hungry. I am very surprised. A little rumble in the tummy but that's about it. CRAZY! Hopefully this can get me back to a good place mentally with the band. We shall see!

Ok...gotta fly now...still gotta catch up on my post reading! TTFN!

Friday, June 3, 2011

playing along...

I figured I would steal this from Holly at Plush Belle. It looked interesting enough! haha

ABC's of Food (surprise!)

A-Apple- What is your favorite?  Apples are my least favorite fruit but I would say pink lady is the best.
B-Bread- Regardless of calories or nutrition, what would you like to have a big slice of? Ciabatta roll with fonduta (YUM!)
C-Cereal- What is your favorite? Fruity pebbles...I won't even buy a box anymore because I will eat the whole thing in one day.
D-Doughnut-What kind is your favorite? I really don't care for donuts at all but I would say either a plain glazed or a creme filled
E-Eggs- How do you like yours prepared? Scrambled if it's a whole egg, fried if it's egg whites only.
F-Fat Free- What is your favorite product? Water? haha
G-Groceries- Where do you purchase yours at? Walmart mostly..sometimes local stores
H-Hot beverages- Favorite? Green tea with sugar and french vanilla coffeemate! YUMMO!
I-Ice Cream- Favorite? Never been a fan of ice cream either (how did I get fat???) but if I had to choose I'd say rainbow sherbert
J-Jam or Jelly- Do you eat them? If so what kinds? I USED to eat them. I love strawberry jam and grape jelly
K-Kashi- Do you purchase their products, if so which ones? Yes, and I like the grain and fruit bars

L-Lunch- What was yours today? Chicken Diablo at a local Mexican restaurant. It is a piece of chicken fajita, mexican cheese, and fresh jalapeno wrapped in a slice of bacon served on a bed of lettuce. DELISH!
M-Microwave- What is your favorite microwaved meal or snack? Michael Angelo's Cheese Lasagna!
N-Nutrients- Do you like carbs, fats, or proteins the most? DUH! Carbs!
O-Oil-What kind do you use? Olive oil
P-Protein-How do you get yours? Sometimes from protein bars, chicken, pork, beef, and some soy
Q-Quaker-How do you like your oats? With some butter and brown sugar and a few strawberries or blueberries
R-Roasting-What is your favorite food to roast? Beef haha
S-Sandwich- Favorite? Quiznos oven roasted turkey breast with cheddar, tomato, pickle, mayo and southwest chipotle sauce!
T-Travel- How do you handle eating while traveling? I go crazy and eat just about any damn thing I want. Sad, I know.
U-Unique- What is your strangest food combination? plain raw pickles dipped in ranch dressing with saltine crackers (it's a tradition my friend at work and I do almost every Friday)
V-Vitamins-What kind do you take? BAD! I haven't been taking vitamins but when I do I take them I do the chewy flinstones ones, calcium chews, and B12 sublinguals
W-Water-How much do you drink a day? About 80oz on good days
X- X-Ray- If we did a tummy x-ray what foods would we see? lunch and I ate scrambled eggs, one sausage patty, and some watermelon for breakfast! I love watermelon!

Y-Youth- What food reminds you of your youth? Spaghetti pie and potato salad and hot water cornbread make me think of my Granny. I loved it when she cooked that stuff. She was a great cook.
Z-Zucchini- How do you prepare it? Steamed or sauteed in a stir-fry! yumm!

Well that was fun! Took longer than I expected but still fun!

As far as updates go...I still can't comment on blogs!!! I am getting stupid pissed about that! On me? Well I am still working on me day by day.

Have a good weekend.