Friday, June 3, 2011

playing along...

I figured I would steal this from Holly at Plush Belle. It looked interesting enough! haha

ABC's of Food (surprise!)

A-Apple- What is your favorite?  Apples are my least favorite fruit but I would say pink lady is the best.
B-Bread- Regardless of calories or nutrition, what would you like to have a big slice of? Ciabatta roll with fonduta (YUM!)
C-Cereal- What is your favorite? Fruity pebbles...I won't even buy a box anymore because I will eat the whole thing in one day.
D-Doughnut-What kind is your favorite? I really don't care for donuts at all but I would say either a plain glazed or a creme filled
E-Eggs- How do you like yours prepared? Scrambled if it's a whole egg, fried if it's egg whites only.
F-Fat Free- What is your favorite product? Water? haha
G-Groceries- Where do you purchase yours at? Walmart mostly..sometimes local stores
H-Hot beverages- Favorite? Green tea with sugar and french vanilla coffeemate! YUMMO!
I-Ice Cream- Favorite? Never been a fan of ice cream either (how did I get fat???) but if I had to choose I'd say rainbow sherbert
J-Jam or Jelly- Do you eat them? If so what kinds? I USED to eat them. I love strawberry jam and grape jelly
K-Kashi- Do you purchase their products, if so which ones? Yes, and I like the grain and fruit bars

L-Lunch- What was yours today? Chicken Diablo at a local Mexican restaurant. It is a piece of chicken fajita, mexican cheese, and fresh jalapeno wrapped in a slice of bacon served on a bed of lettuce. DELISH!
M-Microwave- What is your favorite microwaved meal or snack? Michael Angelo's Cheese Lasagna!
N-Nutrients- Do you like carbs, fats, or proteins the most? DUH! Carbs!
O-Oil-What kind do you use? Olive oil
P-Protein-How do you get yours? Sometimes from protein bars, chicken, pork, beef, and some soy
Q-Quaker-How do you like your oats? With some butter and brown sugar and a few strawberries or blueberries
R-Roasting-What is your favorite food to roast? Beef haha
S-Sandwich- Favorite? Quiznos oven roasted turkey breast with cheddar, tomato, pickle, mayo and southwest chipotle sauce!
T-Travel- How do you handle eating while traveling? I go crazy and eat just about any damn thing I want. Sad, I know.
U-Unique- What is your strangest food combination? plain raw pickles dipped in ranch dressing with saltine crackers (it's a tradition my friend at work and I do almost every Friday)
V-Vitamins-What kind do you take? BAD! I haven't been taking vitamins but when I do I take them I do the chewy flinstones ones, calcium chews, and B12 sublinguals
W-Water-How much do you drink a day? About 80oz on good days
X- X-Ray- If we did a tummy x-ray what foods would we see? lunch and I ate scrambled eggs, one sausage patty, and some watermelon for breakfast! I love watermelon!

Y-Youth- What food reminds you of your youth? Spaghetti pie and potato salad and hot water cornbread make me think of my Granny. I loved it when she cooked that stuff. She was a great cook.
Z-Zucchini- How do you prepare it? Steamed or sauteed in a stir-fry! yumm!

Well that was fun! Took longer than I expected but still fun!

As far as updates go...I still can't comment on blogs!!! I am getting stupid pissed about that! On me? Well I am still working on me day by day.

Have a good weekend.


  1. The Southwest Chipotle sauce from Quiznos is super yummy! I loved reading your answers!

  2. Download Chrome. Use that as your browser. Comment until you get tired.. Works perfectly


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