Monday, August 15, 2011

Sooo....yeah that's all I got...

Hello everyone!
    I know most of my regular followers have probably wondered a few times if I had fallen in a muddy hole somewhere and got lost. Well I have been pretty lost these last couple of months but not so much in the woods as in my own head. I have been meaning to post something sooner but "today" turned into "tomorrow" turned into like 3 months. So yeah. I was keeping up on reading but I dropped that a few weeks ago too. I just haven't been in the mood for any kind of social upkeep really.

But for the sake of staying semi-sane I decided I would at least be fair enough to let everyone know that I am still around. I haven't completely given up blogging....yet. I have found it harder to blog and even read about everyone else with what's been going on the last few months. I did some light reading today and found that several people have come back from blog hiatus with the typical excuse "I have been hiding because I am ashamed". My excuse is the same theme. My last post involved me finally "trying" to get back on track and I am still in the same water only deeper. I have NOT lost any more weight and what's worse than plateauing??? Hmm...that would be gaining all but 11lbs of my lost weight back. So basically it's like I never got the band. I am technically heavier now than I was on the my surgery day. I won't even get into how utterly depressing that is for me. I am not looking for sympathy. It is what it is. Struggling daily with this has become second nature unfortunately. Yes, I know the solution. I know the formula for weight loss, I just can't seem to use it. I don't know what the blockage is, hell, maybe it's sheer laziness. The cycle continues....I eat because I feel fat and I am fat because I eat. How frickin stupid is that? Makes no sense really.


I am putting together a portfolio to start my apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. It's something I have been passionate about for years (more of a pipedream) and finally I have decided to go for it. I have always been an artistic person whether it be in crafts, drawing, singing, writing, etc. To me, this is a dream job. Something that I could really enjoy and be proud of. And the money isn't bad either. It will take a while to get up and going but it will be worth it if everything works out. Ultimate goal would be to own a shop and rock it out.

I went on vacation at the end of July and got a new tat and my nose pierced... That was fun! What else? Oh remember how the hubby and I were trying to buy our first house? Yeah well that plan is on hold for a while now because his job is basically screwing him over. His boss is a complete asshole and I can't stand him and he is holding the hubby back just to be a jerk. So the hubby is trying to find a new job as well at a different location. So life has just been super these days. Could be worse I know...count your blessings!

Well that's all I have for now. I am exhausted just talking about it. Hopefully I will pop in more than I have been.....Hopefully!

Miss you guys! tata