Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homes and nervous breakdowns

Ok. I know I have been MIA for a while. I have been stellar busy. The hubby and I have been jumping through hoop after hoop trying to buy our first house. It's exciting but kicking my ass all at once. It seems for every door that opens another door slams shut in my face. We have gotten our pre-qualification out of the way. For a moment we thought about possibly building but the first time home buyer program we are in won't allow that. So there goes that option. Now I am back to square one. I have been spending hours every day searching and scouring our local towns for decent homes in our price range! What a frickin nightmare! I knew it would be stressful to start this whole process but geesh. It's like I eat, sleep, and breathe HOUSE!
It really doesn't help that hubby has all these stipulations and preferences that he REFUSES to compromise on. The house MUST be a house and not a mobile home, he says. It MUST be over 2000 sq feet. It MUST be on at least an acre of land, PREFERABLY brick. Yadda yadda yadda. My only rule is it MUST have a nice sized kitchen (I want room to cook. I have never had room to cook really good food that I would like to cook.) And preferably a garden tub in the master bathroom. Just give me a moment to pull my mother*effin hair out!

I'm back.

I have also hit rock bottom weight loss wise. I nearly passed out when I saw last week's weigh-in results for the Spring Challenge. I was literally the ONLY person that GAINED!!!!!! And when I started the challenge I thought it would motivate me to be a star. Well I will be remembered alright....for GAINING!!!! haha geez Louise! I don't think I have exercised in almost 2 months and I just keep gaining and losing the same 5 lbs. UGH!

I have one thing to be proud of today and that's the fact that I have not had a Dr. Pepper in almost 2 days. That is a triumph, believe me when I have been sucking the stuff down like it's the spring of eternal life. I told my friends to just hook me up to my own DP IV drip. That would be great. I started my click shakes back up (for breakfast only) last week. I faltered in that over the weekend but got right back to it yesterday. I did well yesterday for lunch and had grilled flounder fillet and grilled veggies but come dinner time I went wacko and ate spaghetti and about 8 chocolate chip cookies in the span of 2-3 hours. Oh AND 2 slices of lemon sponge cake AND I decided to be brilliant and throw some walnuts into some caramel fruit dip and eat that 5 minutes before bedtime at 1am. Woo hoo for me. I was on a frickin roll people!

But through all of the BS I managed to stear clear from the DP. I'll be honest, I could live off of DP. I LOVE it! It's the Romeo to my Juliet, the sand to my sea, the sun to my flowers. It's DEVINE! Why? oh Why must I be addicted to prune juice???? But I have found that since I have stopped drinking it in this long day and a half I have gone from drinking less than one bottle of water to drinking 8. So I guess I must sacrifice my love for the greater good of water. DAMN!

I made a homemade stir-fry last night with stew meat, bean sprouts, zucchini, squash, portabello mushrooms, and water chestnuts. DELISH!!! I had that for lunch today and I made a big enough batch to last me for a couple of days. I think tonight I might have a bit more of that and possibly some eggs and bacon for dinner. I am trying to slowly go full on Primal Blueprint (similar to Atkins). We'll see.

Aww well life goes on none-the-less.


  1. So what kinda jewelry do you sell??

    I so know what it is like buying your first home! We just bought ours a little over a year ago! Madness. Our moods improved 10 fold just by signing the papers!

  2. Good job staying off the DP....that IS a helluva achievement. Girl - stop beating yourself up. You could be me and have gained 20 over the winter - ugh.

  3. DP is death to everyone who has ever had it touch their sacred lips. Okay...maybe not DEATH, but definitely addiction. My whole family suffers from it. :)

    Good luck on the house hunt baby girl! So glad to see you pop in for a minute to give us an update. I can't wait to hear about the new house once you guys find it.



  4. Goodluck on the house hunt!!! Find yourself a good agent, it will make things alot easier!! We are doing the same thing, just put an offer in on a place yesterday and now its the waiting game!

  5. We missed you! Home buying is seriously stressful. Hang in there! My hubby and I are trying to follow the primal blueprint too. We're not perfect with it but I feel better on it.


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