Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re: To my Face Shot

Oh my goodness! I am totally blushing right now after reading all the sweet comments you ladies left me yesterday on my face shot post. You are all so sweet I could just eat you up!!! I feel like a million bucks now! :) Thanks for that!

Also, tomorrow is the BFF, Mary's, birthday! She will be the big 25!!!! I can't believe it. We have been BFF's for 16 years as of August of this year. OH, how time flies....So yeah hopefully I will have some decent party pictures to post after. Nothing too racy I hope, hehe.

Thought I would share this too cute picture. And no Draz, you don't need one! haha

I feel like a nappy too! :)

Tata for now!


  1. I need one too! And you are too adorable Jess!

  2. I have been so worried about Mary so I hope to see some pictures of her and see how she is doing.

    Cute pic.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!