Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thousand Words Thursday

So this week's topic is something we love about ourselves, right? Ok. So one thing I don't mind having eyes. I like that they are green and the tattoo eyeliner doesn't hurt either! :) I do, however, wish my eyebrows were a tad darker but that's ok! Great idea Amy!

Weight loss? Ha not so much. I have been bouncing up and down and up down on the scale. My head hunger is almost impossible to beat (for me anyway). I have never been much of a sweets craver. I have always been more infatuated with carby, salty foods like pasta, bread, rice, chips, crackers. But lately I crave sweets like CRAZY! I just want cake and cookies and sauces and creams and chocolates and gah! I am like WTF? Do I have some kind of deficiency in vitamins right now that is causing me to crave sweets or what? It just never stops. As soon as I do well I crack under pressure again. It doesn't help at all that the hubby is on the night shift this month so I never get to see him and I am left night with nothing but my cravings and my chihuahua. Well she can't stop me from eating the sweets so I am screwed! Blah!

Also I think my hope for this last fill being "the one" has failed. Because although I have been watching my portions on my own I have found that the few times I have gone "wild" and eaten more than what I should be I have NO problem whatsoever. In fact, the stuck pain I was having all the time before the fill hasn't been happening anymore. I have been chewing my food alot better so that could be why but I still can't figure out how in the hell with 7.7cc's I can still eat an entire square of lasagna and a slice of cheesy garlic bread without a single pain, PB, etc. I have issues with trying to test the band with foods like this just to see if the last fill will prevent me from eating my naughty foods and it never does. So I think I am going to schedule another fill soon.

We shall see!


  1. Wow, your eye is so green! I can't imagine getting a tatoo near my eye, I bet that hurt like Hell!

  2. Love the eye! Cool pic! Did you know a true green eye is by far the least common color...and that it's most prevalent among Turkish people? Ha! I know that because I too have green eyes. And how, I don't know as both parents have blue...

    Anyhow, gorgeous!

  3. Nice eye. I hope the other one is just as pretty.

    I've been eating sweets too although my band just tightened up the last couple of days. Hope it kickstarts some weightloss.

  4. OH God - the night shift is such a the eyes though. Hang in there sweets! I loves ya!

  5. You have gorgeous eyes! Love the eyeliner but I would also be scared to do it! They did a great job and how cool is that you dont have to apply it every day!

  6. I would be too scared that they'd stab me in the eye or something but beautiful! Time alone in the house is worst for me too. Hang in there!

  7. Wow Green eyes are so beautiful and with RED HAIR (you can tell I'm screaming right). That is the ultimate of gorgeous!! Beautiful chile!!

  8. wow! Thanks ladies! You are all so sweet.

  9. Wow, I love your Green eyes!! They are beautiful, and I had considered getting eyeliner Tattooed years ago, but chickened out. A friend of mine did it though and she loved it.

    And I totally hear you on the Head Hunger! I have been going through it for sometime now. And it doesn't help that my Husband goes to bed early, and I stay up REALLY late! Like 3-5 am late! And that is when I have the most trouble controlling myself too! I am slowly getting better though, which is why my weight loss has finally kicked back in! Thank God!!

    BTW, thanks for the comment in my blog! If you are interested in seeing my whole Tattoo, check out the link below. The Tattoo photos are down a bit, but there.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!