Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years Pics!

Hello again! I know the last time I posted I didn't explain much about the purpose of all this so here goes: I decided back in October that I want lap band surgery. I made an appointment with a well-respected Weight Loss Center near my hometown and was approved medical wise, but unfortunately my insurance through my job has a no exception policy for weight loss prodedures, OF COURSE!!!!! Soooo, that left me with only a self-financing option, and I have been working on that every since. I have applied through everywhere I have heard of including Care Credit,, etc. and have been denied thanks to a discrepency on my credit that is years old. So I finally decided to dispute it and am now in the process of getting it deleted from credit (*fingers crossed*). Whether or not that will happen who knows. But as soon as I know it's been reported paid on my credit to all 3 bureaus I am going to reapply with So please if you read this, keep your fingers crossed for me that I get approved. My best friend, Mary, is also going to get banded. Our plan was to do it together so we can support each other from the start of it but she has already been approved financially and will most likely get it before I do. :*(
Anyways...I just thought I would feel everyone in on what I am doing! Here are a few pics from New Years!

Ryan (my hubby) and Mary (BFF)

Mary, Sharron, Me, Kitti, and Nikki

Friend Ashley and Me

Left to right: Brandon, Nikki, Ashley, Mary, Sharron, Cayla, Me, Ryan
And John in front.

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