Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fill Success

Ok. So I think this fill is pretty good this time. I have good restriction. YAY!!! So here's my menu for today:

Breakfast: Strawberry greek yogurt and about 6 almonds
Lunch: 1 slice of pepperjack cheese, 1/3 of a tomato, 2 thin slices of ham, 1 tbsp of mayo, 1/3 avocado and 2 pickled okras. Sounds like alot but really it was probably less than a cup
Snack: the remaining 1/2 cup of my lunch (couldn't eat all of it at lunch time!)
Dinner: Roast beef, baby carrots, and new potatos (more beef, less carbs hopefully)
Dessert: chocolate soy milk

***Also I have been getting in at least 6 bottles of water again.***

I didn't really stick to my menu last night of beef stew. I was EXTRA hungry from all the liquids I had all day and I was making breakfast for dinner for the hubby. So I decided to eat a tiny plate of that instead of the stew and I was full QUICK!
I had about 3 bites of Scrambled egg beaters with shredded cheddar cheese, about 3 bites of cubed red potato hash browns with ketchup, and 1 or 2 bites of a turkey sausage link and I was DONE! I didn't get "full" just satisfied. I have been working on putting the fork down when I get to the point that I am no longer hungry instead of eating until I am full. It worked today and I think it will save me tons of calories and keep me from stretching the band or wasting the fill.

P.S. Thanks for all your comments yesterday. I really hope this fill makes the difference too! So far, so good!
OH and BTW, I jumped on the scale this morning and I am already back down to 180.4 lbs! That's a 3.2lbs loss since my fill 2 days ago!!!!! Yipeee! 4oz and I will be back in the 170's.

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  1. Go Jess! I hope my fill kicks in like yours has.


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