Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fill update!!!

So I saw the fill nurse yesterday and told her all the trouble I have been having and she agreed to give me a tiny fill of .2cc, which is totally fine. I figure it may be exactly what I need and I would rather have to go back for another fill than to have to go for an unfill because they gave me too much.

I told her how my band irritation fluctuates so randomly and yadda yadda and she thinks I have allergies and sinus drainage because she also has the band and has had the same issues in the past. She said she started taking a Claritin pill every morning and it helped alot. Something about mucus draining throughout the day and it can irritate the band when food lands on top of it all. So she said it's not necessarily stuck pain but the food is unable to pass because the hole is plugged with mucus (pretty freakin gross, I know!) So she told me to try drinking a warm liquid before each meal to help loosen it all up and get the drainage gone and then the usual, chew well, wait 1 minute between each bite, etc etc.

Then when I told her that I can only eat like oatmeal and grits for breakfast she scolded me (not in a mean way!) and told me that I should really focus on more protein and less carbs for optimum weight loss. But if protein shakes make me gag from the taste and protein bars, eggs, and any other solids make me stuck then what should I eat????? So I thought EUREKA, GOT IT! Greek yogurt has like 14g protein per 6 oz. So I think I am going to start eating greek yogurt and a handful of nuts for breakfast. Soft and goes down easy but still has protein!

I was starving after the fill from only drinking liquids all day so Mary and I stopped by the cafeteria at the hospital and got a cup of chili. I did add a lil bit of shredded cheese and a dollup of sour cream for taste and let it all melt and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! I felt like Tom Hanks in Cast Away when he made a fire and cooked a crab! haha It hit the spot just right and my severe hunger pangs stopped and I only ate half of the cup of chilli and saved the rest for dinner. So I do feel more restriction than before the fill. I just hope it lasts. I did skip the 2 days of clear liquids and went straight to thick/mushy liquids. But it's been fine and I have been chewing, chewing, and chewing some more. I am doing one more day of liquids today and tomorrow I am gonna go back to regular food. I feel that it will be ok. So today I had:

Breakfast: Pomegranate greek yogurt and hot chai green tea and 1 splenda
Snack: 6 oz of chai vanilla tea by Boultinghouse (has lots of soy protein in it and is to die for!!!)
Lunch: Mexican corn soup-homemade by a friend (had shredded chicken, corn, beans, and tomato) She gave me mostly the broth but I chewed all the chunks very well and it went fine.
Snack: Iced tea
Dinner: Beef soup
Dessert: Silk chocolate soy milk

I feel good about this. Now I just have to get back in the gym which I am planning on starting tomorrow.

Oh and BTW, thanks to you all who commented on my post from yesterday.
To LDSwims: I thought about your theory before too. Unfortunately I have myself to blame. Every time I have ever PB'd was because I didn't chew well AT ALL. The majority of my stuck pain is for the same reason. And now that I spoke to the nurse I am thinking the allergy theory could be right. So I am going to do what she says and see if that makes a difference.
To Kristen: I didn't realize you had such a high cc in your band! And yes, I saw you with Casey and was totally jealous. He is pretty, that's for sure. And I have his version of Jealous Guy on my itunes. I love him!!!
To you other ladies: Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it.


  1. Hi Jess! How sweet of you to say such nice things on my blog! It really gave me a boost today! Nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you through your blog! Greek Yogurt is fantastic! I also use it for dips and for sour is good in smoothies too if you like that sorta thing. I sweeten plain with a bit of splenda!

  2. Fingers crossed that this is it for you and you get rolling again!

  3. You menu looks great, another breakfast choice is eggs. I microwave mine for 30sec. at a time until they are the consistancy I want. I dump veggies and cheese in there and its pretty filling. Good luck!

  4. OK. I am so jealous of your liquids right now. LOL. Hopefully this fill gets you in a good place.


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