Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Hobbies and what not...

Aloha peeps! Well as I promised, I am bout to fill ya in on the the great stuff I did during my vacation. haha! Really, I didn't do much of anything at all. I sat around the house 95% of the time watching all of my shows and reading my Atkins diet book....for the fifth time in like 4 years! haha I will get to that later too!
First, I have always enjoyed arts and crafts. My granny always called me a jack of all trades because I have always been good at drawing, painting, singing, and writing and creating things. So I recently decided to start making jewelry. It has become my new favorite hobby. Some friends and I went to Houston to this kind of market street that has store after store to shop in for really cheap prices. We went to a jewelry store that sells beads, pendants, etc. for jewelry making and got enough to make a couple necklaces. Well I really enjoy this and I was thinking about making several different pieces and trying to sell them. Take a gander at what I have made so far and lemme know what you think. Because eventually I might sell some through my blog if all goes well.

I made this little keychain with some leftover beads.
 I hung it from my rearview mirrow and it's really cute!

Basic bluestone and silver necklace and bracelet set.

Black and gray stone with gray stone pendant

Green and black stone and a zebra stripe heart pendant (glass)

That's all so far. I have to buy some more supplies and I am going to make a bunch more. I figure this is a great hobby to make some extra money and to be able to give jewelry as gifts and I really enjoy doing it. I have also perfeced my clasps and learned how to make them look fancy. :)

Onto what you really wanna hear about....my weight loss adventures (yeah, right!). Well I was on a roll before my vacation. And I was also certain that that would be the last time I had to "get on the ball" because my world had changed (in my head) this time. That was it! I was changed for life! Well, to my dismay, that was, for the lack of a better word, BULLSHIT and I fell down the crapper again! Just Super! So once again I am back to square one struggling every day to find a reason to give a crap again. Why does it have to be so easy to not care? Ugh! So I was thinking about trying the Atkins diet for the 100th time. I never can seem to make it past like day 2 on that thing. (Way to go DRAZ!) I have been saying every day since last week "Well, I am starting the Atkins tomorrow." And apparently tomorrow never comes! Damnit!!!

What am I to do???? I know what ya'll are going to say. "Don't diet! It's a lifestyle change!" I am aware of that. But I just can't seem to find my niche in this place called life change. I am soooo fickle with everything. One day I wake up and decide I would like to be a "grazer". You know just take a bite here and there throughout the day of healthy little snacks. But then I am like no, that won't work because I need to have more food to get my nutrition. Then the next day I will think "the best way to jump start my weight loss is a super low carb plan like the Atkins" and then I will sabotage that by saying how much I hate the foods you CAN have on that. Just the thought of another piece of chicken or broccoli makes me wanna hurl my guts up. And I rely heavily on nuts and legumes for peace of mind and both of those foods aren't allowed during the first phase of Atkins. I just don't know. And yes, I have tried to whole "rely on portion control, that's what the band is for!" BUT I don't lose weight doing that. I just sit at a standstill even with exercise. I always have to take something away to see results. It freakin sucks! I am my own worst enemy. 

So yeah that's my life for the last week! Did ya miss me? :) hehe Well, I missed ya'll!

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  1. the necklaces are great! did you check out etsy.com to sell them? it's a great site!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!