Thursday, July 29, 2010

The dreaded GAIN!!!

Well it's happened. I hoped it wouldn't but it did! I stepped on the scale this morning and am up to 179.4 lbs. Yesterday morning I weighed 177.6lbs. So I gained 1.8lbs since yesterday. Why???? Why??? Why?? Why? Well, I worked out the last 2 days. Yesterday I was on the treadmill doing the "glute buster" routine and I did the entire 30 minutes. That's quite a bit for me time wise. I usually get bored with the treadmill after that long but lemme tell ya I was feeling it in my hip bones. Afterwards I hit the weights and worked on the upper body for about 20 minutes. I knew this would happen. I knew when I started exercise back up that I would gain. Dammit, why does it do that? I mean I know why but why? I HATE THAT! It's like you gotta move backwards to move forwards.

My question is, when does your body catch up? I mean surely I am not just going to keep gaining while I work out. Right? I mean when will building muscle actually start working "FOR ME" and not against the scale? No I am totally bummed and terrified I am going to get muscled back into the 180's. That would SUCK for me! Surprisingly and thankfully I am not bummed enough to stop (what usually happens) and I am still determined. I forgot that I decided to start posting my food intake every day. So I will just start from yesterday. hehe

Breakfast: 3 slices of oven roasted turkey breast (thin), 1 pepperjack cheesestick by Sargento's, and 1/2 of a nectarine. (This actually filled me up quick, I was surprised!)
Lunch: white tuna with green apple mixed in and 1 tbsp of mayo and about 8 asparagus spears
Pre-workout snack: about 10 habanero bbq almonds (delish!) and a handful of Planters digestive mix (it has some dried cherries, cranberries, pistachios, almonds, and little oat clusters)
Dinner: about 2 oz of grilled chicken breast dusted with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, green beans, and cornbread stuffing. (about 1 1/2 cups of food total)
Snack: about 4 zesty bread and butter pickles (I absolutely LOVE pickles and these are to die for!)
Dessert: 1 tiny square of Lindt chocolate (about 40 calories)

Total calories eaten: 1,053
Burned calories: 359
100oz of water!

So there's that! haha. I have been trying to mix it up with different meats and sides because I get bored with routine. I realize that can be dangerous for some people (including me) because variety can open doors to eating trigger foods. But I honestly feel I have things super under control right now and I am determined to stay with this for the long haul!


  1. You are doing great Jess! I'm very impressed with your eating & working out! Don't let the 2 lbs. bother you - nothing but a blip on the radar. It's water weight.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Your body will catch up fairly quickly. I'd recommend (it's what I do) NOT doing the same thing each week. Whatever you do for weights for the upper body this week, do that twice this week. Whatever you do for weights for the lower body this week, do that twice this week.

    But then next week...keep the same exercise but change the weights and reps. If you increase the weight, decrease the reps. If you decrease the weight, increase the reps.

    I do a 5 week cycle that keeps my body guessing. So after the first week...when I start my second week, I also start seeing a real loss.

    You are doing so well! No matter what, just relax and enjoy. You're on your way!!

  3. This is not real weight gain. Try to stay off the scale for a few days.

  4. I agree...stay off the scale and weigh once a week! Our bodies fluctuate so much!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!