Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween photos:

Well as I promised I am posting some freaky photos from the haunted house we did on Friday and Saturday night. It was an absolute blast!!! And it was quite successful. We had a pretty decent crowd for our first go round for this fire dept. and a pretty good review. A friend of mine said they went to 3 different haunted houses on Saturday night and that ours was, by far, the best and most scary. I am very proud of that. And although I was absolutely terrible over the weekend with eating no real meals and only having candy, cupcakes and cookies and the worst of all, Dr. Pepper here and there throughout the days I still managed to lose 2 lbs. I guess I burned calories staying busy.

Duh dun dun:

Me as a creepy witch! I did this with a nifty little app. on my iphone!

Mary, Me, and Cayla on Friday night

Two guys that acted in the haunted house: The first one was an escapee from an insane asylum and the second was a mummy.

My friend Jessica and me. She was a kitty cat and I was supposed to be a dead seductress.

Here we are again on Saturday night: I went all out with my makeup that night and tried to look as dead as possible!!! haha

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