Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I would just like to say I wasn't really expecting comments on my tiny test post from yesterday but you ladies never let me down. You're so durn sweet! Thanks for that!

So on the food front. I baked a caramel apple cake last night. Totally decadent at a whopping 280 calories a slice!!!! Fairly large slices so I cut them in half to lessen the calories. I brought half of the cake to work with me today to share with friends and left the other half at home to share with the hubby. I like to get rid of desserts quickly so I am no so tempted. I know you must be thinking "then why do you make the stuff in the first place???" Well I like to bake and I like sweets lately but it's funny when I cook or bake I am less likely to eat more than a couple of servings of it. I think I more enjoy seeing other people enjoy my food! haha

Also, a friend of mine had a house-warming party on Saturday at her new apartment and I baked mississippi mud brownie bars. They were absolutely delicious and I was sooooo proud that out of the whole batch I only ate ONE!!! See the marshmallows in them? YUM

I haven't been eating a whole lot or very often but it's WHAT I eat that just bites major donkey ass. I just care so much and then two seconds later I am like "screw it!" I guess I am supposed to be stuck in the 180's for LIFE!!! Every day it's different but it usually ends the same with me eating like crap and overloading on rich calorie laden foods.

On another "awww...note" my sis-in-law just bought a new baby chichi puppy for her little girl as an early Christmas present. He is 7 weeks old. She couldn't come up with a name so I told her she should name him Bruiser and they loved the idea and so that is it!

Isn't he precious???

Mary and Me Friday night at Applebees after my brother's last game of the season. It was his first Varsity game and we won 55 to 14. My brother kicked ass! If you look closeley we both have our new colored contacts in. Mary's are blue and mine are honey colored!

Tomorrow is a holiday at my job so I probably won't post unless I send something from my phone!
Have a happy holiday everyone.


  1. The sweets look so good and that puppy, adorable!

  2. Hey, Thanx for the Food Porn. I found you hanging around Draz's place. I am looking forward to reading more. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!