Friday, November 5, 2010

Just to say...

Well it's super late in the day. My co-worker friend is on vacation today and Monday which leaves me with both of our jobs and it's hectic as hell as it is. So I have just now gotten a moment to take a breath and write a little sumthin' sumthin'.

So what's going on in my life: Well let's see, I SUCK at sticking to anything I say I am going to do. That's one thing but then again that's been going on for a while now (11 years).

Just curious...have any of you been watching that show called "What's Eating Me?" or possibly "What's eating you?" on satellite/cable? It's about people with eating disorders and it's soooo very upsetting to me. Last night there was a woman who has been banded and has now gone from an overeater to a bulimic. She binges and purges like 10 times a day. How awful! And she is still very obese. It's crazy how obsessed you become. Sometimes I am surprised that I haven't traveled to those limits and become bulimic or anorexic. I never could bring myself to throw up. I tried when I was younger out of curiousity but it's very hard to make myself get sick. Of course this lady is using her lap band as her finger. Scary...I definitely have gotten the binging down though.

Why? Why does this shit have to be so difficult. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Feel free to send me a cyber-slap!

My brother is a freshman in high school and he just got put on the Varsity football team because he is that good! So I am going to his first varsity game tonight and am so excited for him! I am going to take pictures amap and I will post them on Monday.

Last night was my little sister's choir concert and I went to that and really enjoyed it. They sang all those corny songs they choose in school but I was still so proud of her. I find that even staying busy like I have been, I still somehow squeeze in crappy food or overeat and wham! no movement on the scale!

Anyhoo....I am outta here for now. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I just watched that show last night and was planning to write about it this weekend. Completely crazy! I wonder how she got past her psych exam.

  2. I have watched that interesting.

  3. I watched that show. It makes me wonder why people go through with surgery before dealing with all the mental stuff. Why the hell would you go through all that and then continue to eat like shit? Three ice cream sandwiches at a time????? Bowls of gravy?? I'm sorry, I just don't get it. But then maybe neither does she.

  4. I've never seen it but I have seen other shows on eating disorders and they make me sad and depressed...and they give me anxiety.

    How was the game? Did your brother do well???


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