Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Was MIA but I am back now!

Sorry I haven't said anything in almost a week! I have been super busy and not at work either to post anything. I have been having to finish up my vacation days from work and we have to get them done before December 1st so it's been hectic trying to fit it all in.

I really appreciate all of your comments on my "Follow your Star" post. I was very surprised at the reactions I got on that dress! I just think it's so mediocre but you all said it looked good! haha That makes me feel good. Just goes to show things look so much different through other people's eyes. Oh and lmao@ Allan's comment. You are too funny! I did, however, buy another dress that afternoon. I like it alot better than the first one I showed you. It is a size 13 in juniors (I say more like a 10 in ladies) and strapless! I need to lose a few lbs for sure though before I even attempt to go out in public in it. It zips up the side and is very sleek but it's SKIN TIGHT. Looks pretty good but it won't do me any good to wear it if I pass out from suffocation in it. I will try to pour myself into it again and take a picture to show all of you. Hopefully my working hard will pay off and I will have a nicer picture in it by the time the banquet rolls around.

My sister's bday dinner was great. I got her a bottle of Tequila Rose (her fav) and some new colored contacts. She loved it. Of course the night took a different turn later on when we got into a knock down drag out bar fight while playing pool at a local scene. My sister started some beef with an older woman there and they started fighting and of course I had to get into the middle of it and throw some punches to defend my sister and that ended with cops and all sorts of drama. I am fine just a bruised nose and that's about it. Haha...I told my sister it was a hell of a birthday but wouldn't mind if that doesn't happen for another decade or so.

On the food trail: I have been on and off the wagon a few times since my last post. As we all know, these holidays are ass kicking when it comes to staying good on your eating plans. Every year on Thanksgiving we spend the morning and noon with the hubby's family and the afternoon and evening at my mother's house. Luckily the hubby's family lives right down the road from my mom so it's convenient but we basically have to have 2 meals!!!! So usually I eat lightly at his family's house and then eat FOR REAL at my mom's. I prefer her food because it's what I am used to. She and I use my granny's recipes and I loved my granny's cooking. Anyway every year my mom gives me my food duties and tells me what she wants me to make and bring every year. Well this year I am making homemade baked mac and cheese, bread pudding and sweet sauce, and grape salad. Fairly easy foods to make but I just dread it anyway. I hate the whole rig-a-mor-o of the holidays. It's too stressful. Having to be here and there and everywhere in one day??? I have to work Friday too so that SUCKS! The hubby is off Thursday through Sunday. I am happy for him though because he barely gets 1 day a week of rest. So this will be good for him. My goal for Thanksgiving is to enjoy a little bit of everything and to NOT take any leftovers no matter how hard my mom tries to make me. Even if she hurls a piping hot plate at my car for not taking it, I don't care! As soon as this is over it's major business. Down and dirty serious.

Damn, I am rambling again. Ok well I will stop here. Otherwise I will find some other crap to elaborate on. haha. Well I won't be able to post again until Friday so I hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day!!!!!

Gobble, gobble.


  1. I'm glad you're okay after your bar fight. I hope there are no major legal issues as a result.

    Enjoy your holiday. Two meals sounds a little overwelming.

  2. Wow...sounds like a heck of a birthday party. Glad you walked away relatively unscathed. Happy Thanksgiving and remember..."just say no"... to leftovers. LOL.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!