Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Thursday...

I have taken the first step in not weighing every day....starting today. I told myself that from now on I will only weigh on Mondays like I planned to do since December. I have been working out every day and I don't want muscle gains on the scale to discourage me. So MONDAYS only!!! It was hard to walk out of the bathroom this morning without stepping on that lil devil but I managed to do it.

My friend, Jessica, from work has been withering away losing her baby fat. LITERALLY melting off of her (lucky witch) and she used to be a size 8. Well in the last couple of months she's gone down to more like a 4/6 (again...lucky witch) and can no longer wear her 8's and 10's so she is retiring her slacks to me as she goes. Well she brought be a pair of 8's today and I told her there was no way in hell I could get in these pants. NO WAY! I have seen her in them and she looks soooo tiny and the pants look tiny! Well I went and tried them on in the bathroom and holy crap, they FIT!!! I was mesmerized, blow away, in shock! These, my friends, are no magic pants like the size 7's I told you about a while back. These are actually size 8 pants!!! I couldn't be more thrilled (unless the scale would go down, then I'd be more thrilled). WOWZERS!

Needless to say I am on an NSV high today. So my mood is chipper.

Menu from yesterday:

Breakfast: Click protein shake
Snack: Plain greek yogurt sweetened with Splenda, with 1/2 c blueberries and 1 tbsp of walnuts
Lunch: 1/2 baked flounder fillet and 1 small stuffed crab (mmm...yum!)
Snack: Click protein shake and 8oz of spicy V8 juice
Pre-workout energy snack: 2 tbsp of raisin bran extra
Post-workout energy snack: a sip of Chocolate Silk milk (literally like 2 swallows)
Dinner: the remaining half of my flounder fillet, 1/4 cup of crawfish cornbread, and a small salad with dark greens, 5 green olives, 4 croutons, and 1 tbsp of jalapeno ranch dressing.
Dessert Treat: a jello mousse pudding cup (love these things) and 4 oz of orange juice

Water: 96oz
Exercise: 15 minutes HIIT cardio when I got home and then another 45 minutes of circuit training after the hubby went to bed (woo hoo!!!)

I can honestly say I am LOVING working out. I feel great afterward and can really see the improvement in how I feel and my energy level. I am happy about this. I needed this boost. And to think I should have been working out all along.

Short note: I have been using Splenda for the last few months thinking it was a better option than nurtrasweet or sweet n low. Well I have been doing research on it because I feel like I get headaches and stuff shortly after eating something with splenda in it. Well of course it says "splenda is a chemical just like other artificial sweeteners and it can cause digestive problems, headaches, and....WEIGHT GAIN!!!" It doesn't effect everyone but it can cause these problems. SOOO I got some Truvia and I am going to the health food store tomorrow to buy Stevia. Maybe this will be an extra boost!

Have a good day!


  1. I need to stop weight myself everyday! I am thinking of having my husband put it someplace I can't reach! lol!

    SIZE flippin 8's! Beautiful!

  2. SIZE 8's?!?!?! Consider me jealous!

    I just use plain old sugar if I want a sweetner.

  3. Yeah for being able to wear skinny chick clothes! I gave up Sweeteners because I too read the research that it could cause weight gain. Not sure if it has any affect on my weight but it has helped a lot of people. So give it a try. I don't care so much for diet pops anymore. I used to drink 2 cans a day. Now it's 2 cans a year.

  4. OMG - not weighing every day? I can't imagine. YES on the 8s! Yippee! Love that you love working out and let me know how the truvia is...I bought some and haven't tried it yet but at least it's natural.

  5. I have awarded you over at my blog for the stylish blogger award :-)


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