Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Food Train hits Yumville

Hello people!

Thanks for all the lovely comments left on my post yesterday! Too sweet of everyone. And yes, I am feeling pretty good about my progress the last couple of weeks. I hate that the scale isn't showing that so much. But then again, I am only weighing on Monday's now...period. So it's sort of a guessing game the whole week and the tension that builds up waiting and wanting Monday to hurry the hell up and get here so I can see what that scale says is even more aggravating than weighing every day. Because if it didn't budge or barely showed results you get even more down because it feels like a whole week was wasted. But I have conquered that mindset. FINALLY! I don't care what the hell the scale says (well, I do but you know what I mean) as long as I KNOW I am getting thinner then it's ok and I will just keep reminding myself that eventually the scale will catch up to my body. That's that.

I just went grocery shopping yesterday and bought so great foods to make great healthy meals. Remember, I am going high protein, complex carbs AMAP. And if I do eat bread, grains, etc. it will be the real wheat kind and not dyed brown crap. I have realized how simple it is to healthy-up any recipe and still enjoy what I love. (Yes, I know, it's taken how many years for that concept to sink in???)

For example: Last night I wanted pizza for dinner so as I was browsing the frozen pizzas in the store I looked over several boxes promising whole wheat crusts, smaller portions, less calories, blah blah blah. When I looked at the nutrition facts on each box it was like "serving size= 1/16 pizza is 250 calories and up it went) I am like really???? Because 1/16 of some of these things would literally be a sliver so thin I might miss it on the plate! So I said screw that, I will make my own pizza! I found the whole wheat thin buns by Earth Grains (???) and read the ingredients. Whole wheat and whole grains were the first ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. Very little ingredients and no funny words so I bought it. I got some ragu pizza sauce, skim mozarella shredded cheese, red bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, and mini pepperoni slices by Hormel. When I got home I used one bun (2 slices=2 mini pizzas) and threw it all together, baked them in the oven for about 8 min. and then broiled them for about a minute for some added crunch and OH MY DONKEY BALLS, they were absolutely delish!!!!  See below:

I did get stuck a little because of the bread but the crunch helped it go down. This meal was only 239 calories and included veggies, 2 proteins, and a whole grain!!! YUP!

I made chicken salad today for lunch and it was amazing too! I used Rotisserie chicken strips and cubed it up, added 1 tbsp mayo, 1/2 cup of red grapes (halved), and about 11 olive oil and sea salt flavored skinless almonds. SUPER YUMMY!!! It felt so decadent to eat and I forgot how much I love chicken salad with fruit in it like cranberries and grapes. I will list my full menu from today on my post tomorrow.

I also worked out last night for 45 minutes and burned 502 calories in my workout. My only vice now is staying up super late at night until like 1 or 2am and then waking up at 7am for work. I know I need more sleep so I am going to try to start getting more things done earlier so I can go to bed by 11 or 12.

Other than that things are peachy. I am going on Friday for a small unfill to prevent getting stuck on everything all the time. I think a tiny tiny bit out will make a huge difference! I also have an appointment with an ENT speacialist to see why I have constant post nasal drip and congestion in my head and ears. I have been dealing with it for like 2 years and I am sick of it. That may be the answer to why I get stuck all the time (congestion sitting in my pouch?)

We'll see. Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you're in such a good place mentally! The pizza sounds absolutely delish!

  2. I have been making "pizza" lately on the flat out wraps, bc the thin bun slices are a little tough for me to eat. have you tried the chicken salad with plain greek yogurt yet (instead of the mayo?) I was afraid to try it for awhile, but I finally did and you cant tell a difference and it adds so much protein!

  3. So sorry I missed your post yesterday, but it is now read. So happy the scale is moving. I love to see that from a few who have been stuck for awhile. Me, I'm still stuck at a weight but will give it a few more weeks. Your pics are great. I am a big believer in cutting out the corn syrup/refined sugars. It takes a lot of reading and cooking from scratch but gets easier. Keep it up girl. You will get to where you are going. We're here.

  4. Missed your post yesterday...congrats on weight loss! the pizza looks yum!

  5. Hey Jessie-girl. I am so worried about you in this sad time going on in blogland. It's all ok but I know how death affects you. Please send me an email at if you need a someone to talk to.


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