Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge Week 1 Weigh IN

Short and err...bitter??? I don't have time to find my scale picture I took for the challenge but my weigh-in yesterday was


UGH!!! Thanks salt, fat, and carbs! Thanks a bunch. I really appreciated your company over the last week and the weekend. It was just swell! But you are wearing out your stay and your ass needs to go! Tata for now!



  1. It'll be gone by next weigh-in! :)

  2. You were just bulking up to get better challenge results.

  3. LOL @ Amanda. Good thinking ;)

  4. Let me just tell you that your message to me yesterday was just what I needed. I was having a sucktastic day, feeling sorry for myself, hating myself...and knowing that I have a stalker just brings a smile to my face :) Thank you again!

  5. I like your suggestion as well...
    The fills and unfills are only done on Wednesday' I would have to play it out for a few days!
    I am craving an unfill...its been awhile. Also a little scared of the port since it hasnt been poked in almost a year!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!