Monday, March 21, 2011

how time flies...

I really didn't realize until over the weekend that I hadn't posted in 11 days. I thought it was more like 5 or 6. Wow can we say "avoidance"? Geesh Thanks for the comments though, appreciate it. Allan, you are too funny. I am so very glad you enjoy my bikini shots (at least someone does). I will probably have plenty more during the summer months (if I get my ass in gear and lose more weight).

I went ahead and bought me a couple  of Smart Ones meals and a few Healthy Choice meals just to have around for convenience. I was thinking maybe if I have those around for when I am lazy and don't want to cook it will help me not binge on take out. We'll see....

I did my challenge weigh-in yesterday and it was 180.2lbs. I only lost like 4oz last week, which is actually pretty great based on all the utter crap I ate all week. No exercise, no eating right. Hell, that's lucky! I am going one day after work this week to get a different dress for the wedding next weekend. I tried the one I had ordered from David's bridal on last week and it wouldn't zip STILL. In fact, there was even less room than when I tried it on at the store!!! Well SHIT! I knew that was coming. So instead of stressing every day about it until the wedding and hoping and praying I lose enough inches in the next 2 weeks I am just going to get something that fits RIGHT NOW. That way if I lose weight by then, oh well if it's a little loose. Better loose than too tight. I would be so killing myself if I kept this dress and it didn't fit on the wedding day.

Anyway...I'm working on things. Day by day....meal by meal. That's all I can do right now. I started getting sick on Thursday and now I have a full blown cold. Sandpaper in my throat, awful cough, stuffy and runny nose all at once and extreme tiredness and it feels like my eyes are softballs.  UGH! This does not help my motivation for losing right now.


  1. Just take some sudafed and don't eat. Being sick is a great time to lose! :) The sudafed will make you lose your appetite; swear.

  2. Ohh I am sorry you are sick too!!

    I am just getting around to reading your blog. I've missed seeing you around!
    I do the same thing. When I am tired and don't feel like cooking. I go over board!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!