Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Freezing Friday!

I just got done reading my comments that you all made on my post yesterday and I am crackin up laughing. I wasn't actually intending on wearing that outfit out at all. I always wear shorts at home because the heat is on and I was just trying on the top to see how it looked. I won't be able to wear that until probably summer time. Maybe by then it will be too big? (wink wink). So no worries. I didn't freeze my ass off.

The crawfish was really yummy last night. I was pleasantly surprised. Nice and spicy. Only bad part is down here we tend to dip the tails in melted butter or some sort of sauce. I had melted butter. Didn't use much of it but I ate about 2lbs of crawfish (equivalent to about 3oz of meat). Sounds like alot but when you throw away everything but the tail it doesn't amount to much. My friends can eat 5lbs or more by themselves. The first round this season were high quality but fairly small. When summer comes they will be alot bigger (more meat). For those of you who don't know what crawfish is, here is a picture of some boiled crawfish (usually served with spices and corn, potatoes, or mushrooms).

They are ugly little things, remind me of a miniature lobster (pinchers and all). The meat is in the tails. So you basically pick up a whole crawfish and pull the tail apart from the body and then crack the shell around the tail and pull the meat out and the tail meat looks like this in the bowl:

Sounds like a hideous process (and it is if you really think about it). If you get some good sized ones they have a little claw meat too. My friend actually cracks the chest sometimes and eats the lungs (looks like brown tissue paper and is flavorless!) GROSS I know! haha I just eat the tails. All the flavor comes from the boiling process and the spices used. Next time we go I plan on ordering mushrooms with mine and bringing my own butter. I didn't really care for their butter. It was far too thick and greasy like margarine.

Anyhoo...Now that I have given everyone a little Crawfish 101...what else can I say?
Oh, When I got home last night I rested a little and then did my circuit training for 75 minutes and burned about 1500 calories in my workout. I almost passed out by the end but it was great and I felt so accomplished.

One thing I have noticed though that's not so great is that since my unfill I feel nauseous alot. Pre-band I had nauseousness all the time. My doctor summed it up to being sinus drainage causing upset stomach/nausea. But it seems lately that every time I eat I just have that sick feeling and even when I don't eat it's there. When I had my unfill and told the doctor that I experienced stuck pain all the time she said that I should have my gallbladder checked out. I know that gallstones can make you feel sick alot. Well just add that to the pile of crap I have to deal with. Woo hoo. Not! I guess if it continues I will have to make a stupid appointment and go get that looked at. UGH!

Other than that, things are well. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Cheers for the pics and lesson on crawfish :) I feel well informed, and very jealous. Sound delicious :)

  2. You posted before I could comment on your last post. You are looking so skinny in that tube top and shorts. Great going. And I remember you posting pics about the crawfish last year. Too much work but then it takes a long time for us to eat so maybe it's the perfect "work for it" food. Yup, check out the gallbladder. You shouldn't feel nauseous all the time.

  3. I love shellfish! It is a lot fo work for the amount of meat you get but I love it. Crab, lobster, crawfish, shrimp (not really a shell fish). You name it.

  4. I love all shellfish (shrimp, crab) but don't think I've ever had crawfish. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Sorry you're feeling nauseous. That can definitely be caused by gallbladder. If so, fat (like butter) can make the nausea and pain worse. You really should get it checked out. At least now days they can deal with it arthroscopically.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!