Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Count down: 8 days til surgery!

Happy belated V-Day! Thank goodness for a long weekend! It flew by as usual. But I think I did pretty well as far as the pre op diet goes. I did have a couple of cheats here and there but I kept the portion to a minimum and it was only once a day. I have lost 6lbs as of yesterday. So I have 8 days to lose another 4lbs to meet the requirements! yipee! I am very excited and a little nervous. He he, surgery is a scary thought, no matter how minor it is. But I am staying positive and telling myself it will all work out just fine!

Also, my hubby and I had a great Valentine's Day. We didn't go all out or anything but we did go trade in his old truck and bought a new truck! Chevy Silverado, very nice. He got me this lil stuffed devil and when you squeeze its foot his pitchfork spins and displays an LED show that says "I love you, XOXO, you're the greatest!" And it sings a rock n' roll love song. It's adorable. We spent the night laying on the couch and watching Prison Break episodes that we are addicted to. YAY!


  1. Hey there Jess, I would love to follow your blog. I'm not on a lapband journey but a weight loss journey via Weight Watchers. We can keep each other motivated non the less. I know how hard it is to get followers, I'm new to this myself. Good luck!! I'll check in on you. Check in on me too if you like.


  2. Jess-
    Hey girl!! Dont get discouraged! You have already lost 6 pounds and you havent even had the surgery yet! Dont second guess yourself...the pre-op diet wasnt too bad for me because I only had to do liquids for 3 days before surgery. But once you have the surgery, you will not regret it! It gets easier and you wont have to starve yourself. Its all about making smart food decisions and taking it one day at a time. Just by cutting your calories you will see the weight just fall off!! You have four followers now...thats a good start!! ASk me if have ANY questions!!

  3. Hey! I just found your blog through Kristen's. I am getting banded on Monday, looks like you are getting banded next week, too! So, I thought it would be great to follow your blog since we are so close in our surgery dates. Good luck!

  4. Hello Keri,Kristen, and Janelle! Thanks for following me! I am excited I think I have gotten all of my followers in this week! Yay! I try to keep my blog interesting hehehe. Well Keri, I have tried Weight watchers and had good success but I lost my way just like I did with all my other diets! I just have such a gigantic appetite. So yes, lets keep in touch that would be great! Kristen, thanks for the advice! I have my struggles and questions but I know it will be worth it. Janelle, congrats! Make sure you post about your experience! I can't wait to read about it and how everything goes! Let's all keep up the good work! Also, I am very new to all this blogging. Should I respond to comments on my page or on the person's page??? Clueless!

  5. I respond on my page just like you did. I am fairly new, also, though!!


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