Friday, February 12, 2010

Gotta get on the ball!

Ok. So I wasn't so good last night after all. My BFF and I went shopping and I ended up talking her into going to Golden Corral for my final food binge. I seriously can't cheat anymore or I am going to end up sabotaging myself and ruining my chances of getting banded. That would be devastating! I now only have 12 days left to make up for all the food I guzzled down last night. Breads, mac and cheese, pasta salad, potato, etc, etc, etc! Not good, I hate that I am addicted to carbs of all things. Basically what I shouldn't have is what I love the most. It sucks! But I have been good today and I plan on staying that way.

What's really hard is that I ordered a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for me and my hubby for Valentine's Day and they are being delivered to my job today! OHHHH my gosh!!!!! What will I do???? Nope I must resist temptation. Anyhoo....this is the menu for today:
B: 12oz Gladiator Protein Shake (strawberry flavored)
L: 4oz grilled chicken breast strips and 2 cups of steamed broccoli
D: will have another 12oz Gladiator Protein Shake
And about seven 16oz bottles of water throughout all of that. Extreme Low carb per doctor's orders

Going to see Chris Young in concert tonight at the rodeo. Yee haw!

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