Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 Month Bandiversary

Yup, that's right! Today makes 3 months since I got banded. Wow, how time flies. When I think about this it is a bit depressing knowing that I have had the band for that long and have only lost 11 pounds with it (the other 13 was from the pre-op diet). I mean seriously, 11lbs in 3 months? That's only roughly .9lbs per week. That just seems crappy to me. I kind of let myself down a little during this period of time because I know that I could have done better than this. I gotta step up my game and bust my butt.

New mini goal:

#1 Get to 176lbs by my birthday (June 13th). That's 7lbs to lose in 18 days. I think that's totally doable if I work really hard! I chose 176 because that will mark my 30lbs loss!

Going to the gym again can't wait until my Zumba comes in. I plan on doing that especially on days that I don't go to the gym and probably even on some days that I do go to the gym! :) Excited about that. Figured I'd throw out what I ate today just for the heck of it:

Morning Drink: Hot green tea with 1 splenda
B: Orange Cranberry Muffin oatmeal by Ocean Spray (yummy!!!)
1 bottle of water
L: hamburger patty chopped up and mixed with jalapenos, tomato, and some mayo/mustard. It's like a burger salad but I have not been eating lettuce (I am afeared...yeah I know I spelled it wrong on purpose!)
Also had a couple bites of broccoli and cheese sauce-I only ate half of my burger salad (good restriction)
2 bottles of water
Midday snack: the other 1/2 of my burger salad (only maybe 4 bites)
1 bottle of water with 1/2 packet of green tea peach mango Crystal Light in it.
Post gym snack: 4 jalapeno smokehouse almonds
Dinner: grilled chicken breast and yams (mmmm....)
Dessert: Jello Chocolate Mousse (if I feel like it)

for a grand total of : 863 calories

Not bad huh? That doesn't count what I will burn at the gym either so hopefully I will see at least a tiny loss on the scale in the morning! ;p


  1. 863 calories, wow, I can't stay below 1000 even though I try! I get too hungry. Good luck with your goal. I think I need to set some short term goals, also.

  2. 863 Calories sounds really good, so does the hamburger salad. lol

    Congrats on your 3 month anniversary & good luck with your goal.
    Oh & my birthday is June 12th!! Gotta love gemini's!

  3. Congrats on the bandiversary!
    They don't sell the jello chocolate mousse cups here in Canada...waiting patiently!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    @Janelle: yeah I surprise myself at how little calories I can do. It's CRAZY and mind-blowing to me1
    @McKayla: Yes, you should try the hamburger salad. It is now one of my favorite no carb meals. And I was supposed to be born on the 12th but my mom didn't wanna go to the hospital in the rain so she waited! haha
    @Nella: Oh my gosh! The mousse is delish! Can't wait til you can try it!


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