Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weigh Day and 3rd Fill update

Sorry I didn't get to post all of this yesterday but I had to leave work to go to my appt and didn't have time to get anything out here. So first off, yesterday was weigh day....dun dun duh...185.0!!! So here I sit at my all time low (I have been here before recently but only briefly). This number seems to be my plateau weight because it is the lowest I have gotten throughout the whole process and every time I get to it, it lasts only a day and then I pop back up to 186 or 187! Hopefully now that I got a fill yesterday that number will only go down from now on. I can't imagine getting to the 170's. I haven't been there since I was like 19 and I was only there for maybe 2 months and then gained!

The fill: I let Connie, the nurse, know that I felt that I could eat way too much so she they took a barium x-ray to see if there was any pouch stretching (as I requested) and she said everything looked "wonderful", no stretching at all and she definitely agreed that I needed a good fill because that chalky liquid they give you to drink to do the x-ray just flew straight through. So she said since I have been doing well with the .5cc fills she was going to go up to a .8cc fill and see how that works. So she did it and then they took another x-ray and she said that she would like to put more because my stomach didn't look irritated from the fill at all. So she gave me another .5cc and did another x-ray and she said if it was ok with me she would like to put another .5cc in and I was like sure and she did and she stopped there. No problem! So that was a fill of 1.8cc for a grand total of 7.5cc in my band! I am hoping that this will make a huge difference.

I haven't had a problem yet but I am STARVING!!!!! I am sooo very hungry! My stomach will not stop growling and the consultant told me that since I had such a large fill this time that I should do an extra day of liquids. That means 3 days of liquids and one day of soft foods! Do wha???? That sucks. She also told me not to have any creamy soups during this time and I am going to have to ignore that because that's how I survive during these liquid days, broccoli cheese or baked potato soup! I am trying to stay away from the potato though. They warned me again about eating carbs so much and said that it's most likely the cause of my weight loss stall/plateau. Hopefully these liquid days go by fast!


  1. Congrats on the new low. That's very exciting. I have to agree on the carb front, when I limit my carbs, my cravings are minimal and I stay satisfied so much longer. Good luck!

  2. You guys get such good info in the states...No one talks about carbs/protein/fats to us in the UAE.....

    That a big fill...Good luck :-)

  3. That's one hellofa fill! I hope it does wonders for you - and it makes sense to take it very slow easing back to foods after something like that!

    Congratulations on the new low - you will so beat it this time!!!

  4. Definitely a FILL! Lookin forward to hearing the progress! LIQUIDS and SOFTIES!

  5. First, congrats on the low! Yeah!!
    I hate 185 - it's my plateau weight too - I saw 176 last summer for a minute. It was awesome. I want it back.

  6. Thanks ladies and gents! :)


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!