Friday, May 7, 2010

Attention all Calorie Counters!!!

Hey all,

I have random questions to ask all you hard core calorie counters out there:

What is your daily calorie goal that keeps you losing weight?
Do you watch your carb intake too or just calories?

I know I have said I am going low carb a million times but I have tried and failed at that for years because I just love carbs too damn much. I am still trying to keep my carb count under like 75g a day (still high according to my surgeon) but if I can just try this calorie counting thing like alot of you do I am hoping I can have success and not have to give up all my carbs all the time. I am just curious what works for you!


P.S. I hate that asparagus makes your pee smell weird!


  1. Hi sweetie..hope you are getting ready for a fun weekend!

    I'd have to say right now I am probably getting about 1200 a day more or less. Some days a bit more some days less. I think I need around 800 to lose about 1-1/2 lbs a week so thus I've been losing about 1/2-3/4 lb a week. I'm not super strict about counting calories anymore. I did it for a while so I new what the calorie count was of the foods I was mainly eating. With my fill I can't eat more than 1/2 cup at a time but eat more throughout the day because I get hungry.

  2. Hi Jess. I try to keep my daily calories to 1200 or less. Doesn't always work but thats the plan. I am also a carb addict and I don't count grams but try to limit how many I eat.

  3. I am signed up on and I put in my food 75% of the time, the rest of the time I know what I am doing and even if I don't put it in, I have a good idea about it. According to that website, I have to stay around 1800 calories to lose weight, but that seems like a lot so I try to go lower, doesn't always work! However, I am NOT losing weight right now lol, so maybe my advice is not good :) I do not watch carbs although breads are hard fo rme to eat with the band so that kind of stops me from eating as much.

  4. I too stick to around 1200 calories.

  5. I shoot for 1,200-1,300. Since my last fill though, I've been closer to 1,000. I don't keep track of carbs - just cals and protein.

  6. My pee smells weird after asparagus too.. but I oddly like it. Not necessarily the smells but I'm fascinated how the body works.. hahaha. I'm a weirdo.. but anyway I'm a point counter not a cal counter I call it calorie counting for dummies because it totally simplifies it. Anyway, have you just tried to go all whole grain/wheat carbs and see how that works for you? Like bread, pasta, rice etc.? Let us know how it goes...

  7. i know your pain girl i am a carb addict too lol i dont eat any where near the carbs i use too.... but sometimes i just cant resist somethings then i feel so guilty . but i have found if u like cauliflower if u put it in the microwave then mash it like mashed potatoes add butter salt whatever you do too potatoes it is really good and gives u that full feeling like mash potatoes . its all about telling your self no what i do is tell my self that 5 minutes of fulfillment is not worth the way im going to feel after i reach my goal i hope this works or helps some...

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