Thursday, May 6, 2010

R.I.P. Booger the Oscar 5-5-10

Today is a somewhat sad day. My 2 1/2 year old oscar fish, Booger, died yesterday. He was a tiger cichlid and was bigger than my hand. When we got him he was no more than a couple of inches long. He was a very good fishy. We will miss him.

My hopelessness is just ridiculous! Why the hell is it so hard for me to stick to stuff? Why? What is wrong with my head that it is just damn near impossible for me? Gosh, sometimes I just wanna throw my hands up and say phooey, I'm done! I have already scheduled my next fill for May 17th. I can't wait, I need one badly. Sweet spot!!! Oh sweet spot!!! Where art thou?????

On a another note, as I have mentioned before I have always loved to sing and would totally consider my self and apiring artist. I have also always loved the piano. I can play a few things. I taught myself, the ass-backwards way. I can't read, read music easily. I mean I can read it but not well enough to play fluently. I have always had to get the sheet music and then label each note with it's corresponding letters (cdefgab) and sharps and flats. Anways that works if I practice and practice and basically memorize the song! But I want to learn the right way! I am a really fast learner and no one around here gives piano lessons. So do any of you have any tips or tricks to learn it right and make it easy? I am thinking about ordering a lesson DVD to watch at home. I have a keyboard. It's not full lenth but it's a longer one compared to others I have seen. But if I got good enough I would eventually buy a full length keyboard. Whatdya think? Any info could help.....who knows maybe by next year I could really go on American Idol and strut my stuff!



  1. My son plays guitar and when he wants to learn a new song, he gets on You Tube and watches tutorials, I'm sure there are some for the piano. Good luck. And, sorry about your fish.

  2. Yes, that's really good husband does the same thing.

    I couldn't believe you lost your fish after your recent post...I know you find that stuff especially hard.

    Glad you're focussing on something positive.

  3. I know bad things hit me in sets. Yeah big coincidence this happened after my "digging deep" post. But I am ok. I love my fish but I am not as attached to them. Probably because I don't touch them. But it still hurts a little. Thanks!

  4. So glad you want to get some music in your life. My son just picked up the guitar and started playing. They have those keyboards which autoplay so maybe that will help. Other than that, just sing at the top of your voice to the radio. I do that.

    And sorry about your fish. It is still a little creature in this big world. But life still goes on and the memory lives on.

  5. Oh nooooo - how sad. Poor little guy.


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