Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Negative Noodle...wait, what?

I haven't posted in several days, as all of you faithful followers have probably noticed. Reason being, I have been down a bit and I am sick and tired of having mostly negative posts. So I thought ok, I will just wait til I have something good to say and I waited and waited and.....nothing! I did a weigh in on Monday and I am up by 1.4 lbs. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (that's me hissing like a cat). I just don't get it. It's like ok, when I was at 190 and got my fill a few weeks ago within a couple days I dropped like 4 lbs and was eating right and started exercising and felt good about this all again and then I get stuck at 186 and no matter what I do it doesn't go down. So when this happens I feel like it's hopeless and I start eating crappy again, snacking more often, snacking on cookies and chips and who knows what else. I snack more but not enough to gain a bunch of weight back. I thought with exercising it would boost my weight loss tremendously but I feel like it's not doing much good at all. Crap, crappety, crap!

It doesn't help my snacking demon within me when I am fighting with my husband either. When he and I are not getting along it's my first instinct to grab food to munch on. There I go burying my problems with food! Classic! Not to mention I need a fill for sure! I can eat ALOT! I am going to make them double check this time around and make sure I haven't stretched my pouch because I don't understand how I am at 5.8cc in this thing and can still eat like this. I mean I am fairly smaller than other people who have found good restriction at 6cc. Mary has even gotten stuck a couple of times with her last fill and she has like over 1 cc less than I do. WTH is up with that???? I am not saying I want to PB or anything but at least if I did I would know I have real restriction.

On another note, I am excited about going shopping later today for some new gym clothes and a gym bag. I literally have only like 2 pairs of gym pants and one of them was at one point pajama bottoms (I think). Yeah that's how old they are! haha

I also have decided to start having oatmeal for breakfast again. I used to eat it religiously every single morning but then I went through my anti-carb phase (for the 100th time) and cut it out of my diet, only to turn around and eat chips, pasta, and rice by the end of the day. So that was pointless (I am referring to pre-band times!) I hardly ever eat pasta or rice now.

A girl I work with just interrupted my writing and we were talking about (surprise, surprise) my weight loss and I told her how the pounds just won't come off and she knows I have been working out and she asked if I eat alot of protein. I told her that I try to because we are supposed to have like 60g of protein a day and she said that she heard from a friend that a doctor told her that if you consume too much protein it can hinder your weight loss and that unless you are trying to build extreme amounts of muscle you should consume a small amount of protein daily. She said the friend followed his advice and started losing the pounds. This sound backwards to me!  Is this true??? What do you all think?

Well this is what I have eaten today so far:
Breakfast: cinnamon apple oatmeal (added 1 scoop of protein powder), hot green tea
Lunch: Grilled chicken salad on romaine with tomato, cucumber, jalapeno, and like 2 tablespoons ranch dressing
Snack (for later): Greek yogurt with blueberries
Post workout: Whey protein shot
Dinner: Ranch style beans with sliced turkey sausage.

Exercise: 15min on the elliptical, 20 minutes on the treadmill (interval speeds), and 5 min on the stationary bike

Does this sound decent? Happy hump day everyone!


  1. I haven't been banded yet, but I do exercise and my trainer tells me to eat the amount of protein in grams that I want to weigh, which would be 130grams, I rarely get that amount in, but yes it is to help you build muscle, but I think she's exaggerating when she says it's to build extreme muscle. You definitely want to be building muscle as you lose the weight, that'll help with saggy loose skin and you'll be much more defined, rather than just skinny. Make sure you take your measurements, cause it may not always show on the scale, but it'll show in inches!
    It'll happen for you!
    P.S. You may want to add some strength training to your workout, I just do one or two body parts a day and then 30 minutes of cardio of my choice. Your food for the day looks good! :)

  2. Sorry you're having a rough patch! It's good to keep blogging though--thru the good and the ugly--because that is when the encouragment really helps! Definitely get another fill! And definitely have them check you out--I don't know if they do it under flouroscopy or not, but that is a great way to know for sure if you have had a stretch or something. But, I was just like you are now before I got the next fill--which got me TOO full and now I'm at the sweet spot. Everybody is different and your sweet spot will be totally different fill than my sweet spot is. I would just recommend getting your fills as often as you can until you get to your sweet spot. You will know! :o) I've read alot and heard alot about Protein and guidelines and all that stuff. The bottom line for me is that Protein fills you up and keeps your blood sugar stabilized. "All things in moderation" is my motto--but if you eat protein FIRST then you will be less tempted by the other calorie dense foods, and you will feel fuller longer. It is true that the latest research that is coming out shows that your body NEEDS alot LESS protein than they used to say it did. But you have to do what works for YOUR body. If you lose easier with a higher proportion of protein then DO IT!!
    And YES...take measurements! You will see a big difference. It sucks fighting with your hubby!! Makes me eat every time!!!

  3. OMG, I'm stuck at 186 too and so are a few other bloggers. What gives. I think the protein is important to keep me from being hungry after an hour or so. I think what you are eating a marvellous so don't know why you are staying the same. I think a fill is in order. I'm under 4 cc's still but think I only need a tiny one to get me close to the green zone.

  4. Hang in there sweetie and stop disappearing - then I worry! Blog - good or bad - we're here for you just like you are for us. ♥ you!

  5. I agree with everyone. I think you should continue to try to get your protein and try eating it first. You are doing great. Ease up on yourself. Big Hug!!

  6. Sounds like you did really good today. I don't know if I would just blindly follow someones advice like that. I'm sure she is honest and has the best intentions but everyones different.. you should really consult your own doctor or a dietician. Btw, that picture cracked me up!! lol


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