Monday, October 18, 2010

Well, it's working!

I don't know why I would ever doubt it. I mean everyone knows the simplest weight loss formula is burn more calories than you consume! I believe it now! (duh!) So I have officially lost the 7lbs I gained over the last couple of weeks. I technically lost it in about 4 days. So just goes to show that counting calories works. I knew that already but my "oh freakin well" attitude has gotten the best of me more than once while following this plan. Well I'm back! yay!

Today's menu:

Breakfast: Hot green tea, 2 tbsp french vanilla coffee mate (powder), 1 splenda. Then Strawberry greek yogurt and some slivered almonds mixed in.
Lunch: Atkins chocolate shake
Snack: 1 jawbreaker
Snack: about 10 smokehouse jalapeno almonds (I need to find a snack that's not nuts. Seems like I eat a whole lot of em')
Dinner: Fajita flameado from a local Mexican food restaurant. For those of you who have never heard of this delicious dish it's basically a small cup and 1/2 sized appetizer that comes with cubed fajita meat mixed in mexican cheese and queso. It's served with tortillas but I don't eat them. I prefer mine with crunchy tortilla chips and a side of guacamole. It's soooooo very yummy and a small enough serving that it's not a too bad on calories.

Weekend note: I won't pretend to be a saint. I was a little naughty yesterday. (rambling begins) I just got my oven fixed at my house and I haven't been able to bake or cook anything on a stove in YEARS! Yes, that's right...YEARS! I have always used a huge electric skillet for cooking meats and the microwave for everything else. Let me explain, up until March of this year the hubby and I lived in the same home for 5 years and the stove was propane. I hated spending the $350 on getting the propane filled twice a year so I never bothered. So I was without a stove at that house. Then when we moved this year I was promised a stove in our new trailor and it was there, new and all, but the breaker box they set it up on could not power it along with all of the other major appliances. So FINALLY, last week they put it on the big breaker outside and it works! My mind just goes bananas at the thought of all the wonderful foods I can cook now that I couldn't before. Now I can finally put all my expensive low cal, low carb, biggest loser cookbooks to use! How exciting! (rambling ends)

So what do I do with my new contraption? I bake brownies. But fortunately I only had 2 of those last week and gave the rest away. (Pat my back) Then Saturday I baked cranberry-orange muffins. This used to be my favorite muffin my granny used to bake when I was younger. So I had to bake them. I just had to. And I ate them and ate them and ate them. I only baked 1 batch of 6 (medium sized) but I still couldn't stop thinking about them. So yesterday I had 2 left in the container and I decided I couldn't watch my calories with them whispering to me all damn day, so I ate them....BOTH. To get rid of them, of course! And I made ate pasta (shell, ziti, and rigatoni noodles) and alfredo sauce with parmesean cheese and pepper (yummy!) Yesterday was a tough day for me so I let my fat feelings take over just a tiny bit. Not too bad though. I only went over my calorie target by like 50 calories. Way less than I thought.

Anywayz! That's all I have for today so now I gotta start catching up on my reading!

TATA for now!

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  1. UMM....Sounds like I want to come to your house for the weekends!!! So tasty! Yummy yummy yummy foods...maybe I'm hungry for dinner...oh! And congratulations on the loss- any loss is awesome and 7 lbs is especially awesome! Good job!!! xoxo


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!