Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Down the rabbit hole...???

Ok so I forgot to mention that I went and saw Alice in Wonderland 3D on Saturday! It was ....hmm...interesting. Very strange! I only saw it because I just love Johnny Depp! I don't think I will be watching this one again!

Oh and my friends have been asking me to name my band! So I decided to name HER Lexi....I like that name, it's classy. Wouldn't it be nifty if I named my first daughter Lexi too? After all, I won't be able to have kids until I get this weight off thanks to my PCOS and all so I will be able to thank my band when that time comes. :)
I decided I should post a few random pics, too!
The jacuzzi at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
we stayed at during my surgery! It was very warm!
My hubby's new Chevy Silverado we just got last month
My sister Lori and I in the hotel room the night before my surgery
Fancy pants getting a bath! She hates bath time.
The date on the pic is wrong! hehe This was sometime in January.

Me last summer going swimming. I burn easily! Hopefully
I will have some full length after pics here in a couple of months!
Me and how I would have looked in 1978!
I love this pic! hehe Go to the website and check it out!
It's lots of fun you can put your picture in tons of different years.


  1. lol, I have done that yearbook thing and it is hilarious! I have about 30 pictures of me :P

  2. Wow, your yearbookyourself pic looks so much like Britney it's crazy. Do you get told that a lot?

    One day you'll be her current weight and, as it seems, one day she'll be yours. (Oooh, I try to always be nice, even about celebs I don't know, but that one was fun.)

  3. Welcome to bandland... I just started following your blog. You can find me at


  4. Thanks for following and glad I found your blog! OK, your yearbook was me in 1978 LOL! Yes, I had the Farrah big hair just like that...well, actually bigger hair! Hey before I forget, your surgery date says 2009 in the About Me so I got a little confused when I started reading (it's the post-op drugs). Sounds like you're doing great (already well into Onederland!) and I love Fancy Pants!

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments!
    The yearbook thing is tons of fun, I did all of the pics too! And I did my husband's on the guys side! I will post my favorite one of him today!
    Jess: NO! haha I have never been told that I look like Britney! That would be a first! Yeah she yo yo's big time! hehe
    Michelle: Hello! Thanks for following, I will be checking out your blog!
    Groupie: I love the Farrah hair! I could have totally lived in the 70's! Sorry for the confusion, I will fix that pronto. Yes I am back in Onederland but it's still frustrating that I am stuck in the 90's.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!