Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 2: Thick Liquids!

I am feeling much better today. My feelings began to improve yesterday after I had my tortilla soup broth. It was very difficult not to eat the contents in the soup as I absolutely love the mexican cheeses, jalapenos, tortilla strips, and chicken. It's to die for! But I was good and only had the clear broth. I did however test myself a tiny little bit. My husband had ordered a bowl of the most delicious queso and jalapenos for the chips. I wanted just one chip terribly so I got one medium sized tortilla chip and dipped a tiny lil piece of it in some salsa and chewed it until it was basically liquid and swallowed and followed each tiny lil bite with some unsweet tea just to make sure it was going down and to my surprise, I had no problems. And I was satisfied with the one chip and my broth! :) yay Afterwards those awful hunger pangs disappeared and the rest of the night was pretty good for me. This is what I have eaten today so far:
First thing: Hot herbal tea sweetened with 1/2 packet of Splenda
Breakfast: Gerber baby food (tropical medley) and I added a tbsp of unflavored whey protein powder (oh it was delicious!!!)
Lunch: Campbells Soup at Hand Creamy Chicken and again I added a tbsp of whey protein. (Very yummy)
For dinner: I will probably have some V8 Broccoli soup with some whey in it as well.

When I get off I wanna go buy the Dannon Light N' Fit yogurt smoothies (I am allowed those now as well)

Did anyone start drinking skim milk on the thick liquids phase???? I have read on certain sites that it is allowed now but it's not on the list the doc gave me. I dunno what it would hurt unless they are worried about intolerance still.
Anyhoo! Feeling pretty good today and I am happy about that.


  1. Jessica

    My doc allowed me skimmed milk from the first day ( the first drink I had after the op other than water was tea with milk ) he did say it was only as long as it did not make me feel ill which it did not...It is quite amazing the different rules each surgeon has...may be you should call them and ask if its ok with him in week 2.

  2. yeah I will probably call! I really don't drink milk plain very often but I do like milk and I absolutely love it in my hot tea. I always put non-dairy creamer/cream/milk in my hot tea and it just isn't the same without it. So I have adopted drinking hot tea every morning to loosen up the band and stuff and it would be great to have my "cream" back! :) hehe Thanks Andrew!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!