Thursday, March 11, 2010!

So as I said last night, I decided to eat beans, cheese, and salsa (absolutely delicious!!!!) and I even cheated a little and had a couple crispy pita chips with it (chewed up really good) and it was fantastic! Every bite bursting with flavor and what not and then suddenly I realized that the 4 oz maximum I was supposed to eat had turned into like 7 oz! I felt ok until I put my plate in the trash and then it hit me!!! STUCK PAIN! Oh my goodness. I absolutely do NOT like that expanding, shooting, nauseous pain that it causes. I can see how someone would quickly learn their lesson and not overeat! It passed after about 10 minutes but it sucked while it lasted.

Haha and for those of you who do not know what malt-o-meal is, it is like cream of wheat (a hot breakfast cereal) haha that was pretty funny! I like to add sugar or splenda and a lil butter to mine and it is to die for!

Also I have a photo update of my incisions that I took yesterday, exactly 2 weeks post op. You can really see in this one the swelling that I still have but believe me it has gone down since last week.  Plus I am laying down on the couch so it is a lil less stretched out than my original incision photo from the day after surgery cuz all my fat is weighed down by gravity! hahaha Also the dermabond glue around them has not fallen off at all so the glue is starting to turn yellowish from getting old. But all in all I think it's healing well. Can't wait til there completely done.

I also took a face shot of myself yesterday to see if my face looks any thinner. It turned out pretty cute I think. I made it my new profile picture but I can definitely see a difference in my cheeks compared to the older picture.
Oh yeah! hehe
Well I don't really have anything interesting to talk about today so I guess this will be it for now!


  1. I feel your pain. Major stuck pain almost all day. Advice-after your first fill and now that you can eat more food-take it easy and stick to liquids and mush. I couldn't believe how bad it was-almost an hour of spitting up (guess it's called slimming) and then pain for most of the day. Better now that I'm eating ice cream.

    Nice photo-glad you didn't change your profile pic to the one of your stomach-LOL. The face photo is really pretty.

  2. You can totally tell in your cheeks. Losing weight in the face is one of the very few (if not the only) perk to being a woman when it comes to weightloss.

  3. Sandy: Haha!!! Funny....Thanks for the compliment.
    Jess: Yes it is a nice perk to lose weight in the face but I don't like the downside of losing boobage. That sucks!

  4. What operation did you have? Any advice on how to proportion my food?


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!