Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Month Bandiversary!!!!

Yes, I know it's gone by crazy fast but today makes a month since my surgery. It seems like just yesterday, Oh how time flies. My hubby's sister and her husband just had their baby boy yesterday. I went up to see them at the hospital after work yesterday and he is absolutely adorable. Check him out below. :) His name is Landyn. Isn't he just the cutest thing? Kinda makes me want a baby but nah, I will wait for a couple more years.

On a less pleasing note, I am beyong annoyed with the whole "eating" mess. I have vowed to myself at the start of every morning that I will be good and eat high protein, low carb and by lunch time I have nothing prepared and off I go to Taco Bell or calling in not-so-good-for-me orders at some restaurant. I can't wait to have an electric stove now and able to cook good meals and try different recipes and stuff. Oh BTW, I don't know if I said anything about this yet but I am moving into a different trailor this weekend. It is only 3 minutes down the road from where we live now but we get along better with the new landlords and they fixed the place up just for us (new tile floor, fresh paint, new vanity and bathtub, etc etc etc). I think it will be a good change. It's always fun moving into a new place don't ya think?  And a major perk? The kitchen is alot bigger and everything is ELECTRIC! No more propane for us! The place we live now has a gas stove and gas heater and I refuse to spend a minimum of $200 to have it filled like twice a year so I have not used a stove in about 3 years! :) I know some of you are like WTH? That's nuts but it's true. I bet your asking "well how do you keep cozy in the winter Jessica? Well lemme tell ya, those lil oscilating heaters at Wal-mart work wonders and save on the electric! We have one in our living room and one in the bedroom and they work just as well if not better than central heat! Heck we might still use those during the winter! :)
I know I have completely gone on rambling off topic...I told ya'll I think too much! Let's see what else???

OH YEAH, did anyone else have issues with bruising easily after surgery??? I have always bruised easy on my arms but that's about it and I have bruises all over my legs and arms and some of them I just find and I am like how the heck did that happen???? And these aren't tiny bruises either take a look here's a few...
Scary huh? I started taking B Complex liquid drops and calcium chews because I don't know what the heck is up with this! And my incisions are still itching like crazy and still have those tiny red itchy bumps everywhere. I think the incisions look ok but I just feel like they should be more healed than they are. I don't think there's an infection at all but it's just not as far along as I thought it would be after 4 weeks.
What do ya think? You can kinda see the lil red bumps around them. And my burn mark that I should totally sue them for!

and to end my b*tching I will leave you with a puppy of the day! Adorable! :)


  1. you might want to get your iron levels checked...i bruise easily because i am anemic.
    yeah that burn mark is definitely something i would be pissed about!! especially if it scars.

  2. Too funny about keeping warm in the winter. Those oscillating heaters would do nothing up here when it hits -20 (choose C or F). I am so cold now since going off carbs that I have the furnace on constantly. I used to bruise easily because I took so much aspirin or ibuprophen. They also probably gave you heparin at surgery which keeps your blood from clotting too much. Your incisions do look pretty red-you might have reacted to the tape they put on you. You might need some cream from your doc. You should call them as it can cause more scarring if it stays inflammed.

    How in the name of god did they burn you. Were they smoking and dropped the cig? Love the dog pic. Cute.

  3. I haven't had surgery yet, but I think your scars look pretty good for 4wks out. Can you put any vitamin E on it yet?

  4. Forgot to mention-adorable baby!! Congrats!!

  5. My first thought is it's from the blood thinner they gave you right before surgery, it would make bruising much easier for a little bit after surgery but it's to prevent blood clots. If it keeps up, let your doctor know so they can check your iron.
    By the way, you look great!

  6. Yeah that's what I would like to know Sandy! How in the H did they burn me? I am assuming the laser moved somewhere it shouldn't have I have no clue! I couldn't believe it though. I wonder if my doc will say anything about it at my appt next week. We shall see! Yes I considered the blood thinner causing it but 4 weeks after???? How long does the stuff stay in your system? Gosh! Thanks for the congrats he is a sweetie pie!

  7. Jess! Adorable picture of you and the little baby!! And congrats on the one month! Your scars look awesome! I didnt have a problem with bruising fortunately but keep taking the B should get better!


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