Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 3: Mush, Mush, Mush!

So I get to start mushies today. I went to the store last night and got me some grits, malt-o-meal, Idaho potato flakes (love em'), more pudding, more soups, tuna, chicken in a can, applesauce, etc. And my favorite that I will be enjoying the heck out of tonight would be my refried beans, salsa, and cheese! Oh yes! This, plus sour cream, used to be something I knoshed on as a kid on a weekly basis! Anyhoo...for boring's sake I just thought I would shoot out my menu for today if anyone would care to have an idea of what I will be eating for the next week!
Breakfast Drink: Hot green tea with a dash of skim milk and 2 splendas and my 2 chewy vitamins
Breakfast: Grits (yummy)
Drink: Apple juice
Lunch: Cream of chicken and mushroom soup with a 1/2 cup of skim milk for some thickness.
Snack: Dannon Light N' Fit yogurt (cherry)
Dinner: fat-free refried beans, 2 oz shredded cheese, and 2 tbsp salsa all blended up
Snack: sugar-free pudding (chocolate and vanilla swirl)
And like 4 bottles of water mixed in there throughout the day! ;P

Also, I think I felt my first "stuck" feeling last night. I was having creamy baked potato soup from one of my fav small town restaurants, Jax, and I added a few pieces of bacon and a tiny bit of cheese. Well I have eaten this soup several times on my thick liquids week and I also LOVE pita chips with sea salt on them. Well I had a bag of them on the counter and I decided last night that would have a couple of them as long as I chewed them really well and drank soup with them so it thinned the mush out after chewing. Well I had no problems and then after I was finished I stood up from the table and had a terrible shooting pain in my back, under my left rib, and it traveled up into my shoulder like lightning!!!! It lasted a few minutes and I sat on the bed and felt almost like being a lil sick and then it went away! Is that what stuck is supposed to feel like? cuz it was kinda scary for a minute!
Tell me about your first stuck experience!

Ok on to better topics...So I think the yearbook pic was a hit and I thought I would post a couple more that I did and my favorite of my hubby.

Me in! haha

The DJ Tanner look from 1992

Ryan in 1954! My sexy stud muffin. Meow!

He hehe!!! I love those things. Anywayz I don't know if anyone noticed but I love puppies, especially chi chi's. So here is my puppy of the day! Enjoy...


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  2. Way to go on the mushies it all looks good. Here is a question what is malt o meal.. Canadians hey.. lOL

  3. Hi Jess-You will probably see that you can eat more and more until a fill. I had 3 cc at surgery and started to eat more on week 4 (real food). I just posted about being stuck so you can read that. OK you are younger than my daughter (she's 26) and the pic from 1954 was cute-the year I was born. I don't feel old though. I luv you younguns and am glad you have the band to a better life. I'm more a cat person, although I can't have one since my hubby is allergic. Hum-maybe time to get rid of him. Hope you enjoy your mushies. They were my favorite week.

  4. Wish I liked beans. Looks good.

  5. Yes, I love beans! All kinds of beans! Lentils, lima, baked, red, black, refried, etc etc em'! hehe
    Sandy: Thanks! I will read your post about getting stuck. I think I did it again last night! I am glad you feel young cuz how you feel is all that matters. Age is just a number.


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!