Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh the tangled web...

First...Mary is getting banded TOMORROW!!!!! yipee!!!! I am soooo happy for her and I know everything will go super well for her.

Second....This must be a quick post. I am already off of work and haven't been able to get on here today to read everyone's blogs or barely look at my own. Gosh, busy day. So I thought I would do a tiny zinger. Well my menu today isn't any better than it has been. I mean I realize that my calories are still under 1000 but I know all the carbs and fat aren't helping me out at all not to mention I do not look forward going through carb withdrawals again like I did on the pre-op diet but it is well worth it in the end. :) Yes I have noticed that I am getting sluggish upon waking in the mornings again. Towards the end of my pre op and then the first 2 weeks after surgery I noticed that waking up got alot easier than it has been for me in years. I am not a morning person but I found myself waking easily and on my own sometimes. Now I am getting drowsy again and I know it's connected to all these carbs!!! Damn those tasty lil carbs! Here's the mess so far!
Morning drink: Hot green tea with splenda and skim milk
Breakfast: Instant grits
Lunch: I got brave and got a mexican pizza from TACO BELL!!!! That is my favorite thing ever and I love them and I used to eat taco bell religiously (literally like 10 times a week) before my pre op. So I was addicted to it and I realized I haven't eaten there in over a month sooooo....I thought, why not? I usually get a mex pizza AND 2 taco supremes, AND a cheese rollup, AND a large baja blast!!! I am supposed to be moving to soft/semi-regular food starting tomorrow. So I am back in the game!
Dinner: I am having some refried beans and 1 enchilada (yum)

Don't worry...I won't be eating like this daily! I do believe this is what a typical "fun" day will consist of now. Remember my whole 6 days good, 7th day a treat??? yeah I am calling the 7th day "fun day" now. Cuz it is fun to indulge. I know I REALLY enjoyed that mexican pizza. It was DELICIOUS! But I didn't go overboard like I always do. So there's my posititve for the day. Wow this supposedly short post...is once again...longer than I expected...hehe Sorry! Gosh I love to babble. Ok seriously I will leave you again with a puppy of the day. This picture reminds me of how I feel when I eat too much! Enjoy!


  1. Refined carbs are the Devil's spawn!

    I gave you an award (see today's blog).

  2. Now I'll name my 7 th day Fun Day-doing the same thing-trying to be good for 6/7 days. I found the carb hard on soft/mushies as it was hard to get protein in. Now I'm trying to think protein at every meal. Right now I'm back on fluids trying to tame a stuck episode yesterday from a hard-boiled egg. It hurts. But the fill does give you some portion control so I hope you get one soon.

    Oh and I love your picture of the stuffed bear.

  3. Just found your blog! I hope to be banded this month, looking foward to following your journey!!

  4. Yes Protein, Protein, Protein is key.
    Hello Jenny: Welcome to my world! Thanks for following. Good luck on your own journey...

    Ok...how do I get my award? How exciting!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!