Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Having some issues...

Thanks everyone for the comments on my last post! I am trying to hang in there. Sometimes I get so discouraged at night though when I get home because my back hurts sooooo BAD! I feel like I just got hit by a truck. I do have a desk job so I don't do any heavy lifting or too much walking, so that's a plus but I just don't feel like I am where I should be pain wise. I mean I have been reading some other banders' experiences and it seems like I shouldn't be feeling this badly. Tomorrow makes one week post op and I just don't feel well. I realize that my lack of calories is probably the contributing factor to my fatigue and tiredness. These hunger pangs are what is driving me insane now. I mean I feel like my insides are just turning cannibal and eating me. I am relieved that I can begin my thick liquids tomorrow, though. I am hoping that some extra calories will help relieve this God awful empty feeling I have. What's crazy is I have no appetite (head wise) but my body is just screaming for food. I am still having gas pain in my back and now I have the whole growling stomach thing non-stop. I find it difficult to drink that amount of water that I am supposed to. I am sick of drinking everything and I just want nothing. UGH! I will be soooo glad when this gets better.

Also, I feel like my stomach is still very swollen and I can't tell if my incisions look too good. The picture I posted of them on my last post was the day after surgery and to me they look more bruised now, especially below the port incision. Is that normal? Oh and also, I noticed today that I have a tiny little bit of clear fluid on my port incision. It's a very small amount but I am freaking out! I called the nurse at the center and asked and they said that a small amount is normal as long as the incision doesn't start opening up or feels hot. Well It looks closed to me and there is no fever in any of my incisions but I just don't know. I am scared. Also, Ladies, when did you start wearing a bra again???? I have been wearing camisols under my tops to hide stuff. I am afraid to wear a bra because my incisions are so close to where the underwire would be.

Today is my little sister, Shelby's birthday. She is 11 now and me and the hubby are meeting my fam after work at one of my favorite mexican restaurants to celebrate and I am excited because I will be ordering tortilla soup (my favorite!!! yum) and be able to drink the broth and maybe if I really mush up the avovado in it with a fork I can have a few bites of that. YAY! I am looking forward to that. It is amazing how much you really start to appreciate food when you can't have any at all! :P


  1. And some people think we are taking the EASY way out!

  2. I know right???? This is not easy by any means! It's a whole durn process of pain and suffering before the good stuff starts. :P

  3. I wore my bra about 5 days later, but it isn't much fun. Put that off as long as you can! Jeans, too... those aren't great for me, either.

    Only a couple of my incisions started to bruise and it didn't happen until a few days later, so I think that is normal.

    Be thankful you can have the tortilla soup! I am on Day 9 and still can't have anything but clear liquids...


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!