Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Because...

I really don't have anything interesting to talk about today, besides the fact that my BFF Mary, that I have mentioned before, just started her own blog today so that she can track her band journey as well. She is getting banded next week on the 17th and is super excited!
Check out her blog at and feel free to join on her journey!

Also, I am STILL annoyed that I haven't lost any weight. I am stuck at stupid 191-192! I am super p-o-ed at this matter. Seriously????!!!!! Oh, it better change on solids cuz this sucks!

Ok and for a final is the puppy of the day! A baby bulldog! Isn't he cute?


  1. Just started following your BFF's blog! Thanks for the link. My 4 year old was sitting in my lap when I read this - the puppy pic made her day!

  2. I was stuck at the exact same weight for 4 weeks. Then I dropped to 189. It will come. Patience, love, patience.

    The puppy is so cute.

  3. I would love to see the 180's!!!! Glad your lil girl liked the puppy Drazil!


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