Monday, March 8, 2010

Hiatal Hernia????!!!!!

Ok. So ya know how I said was having trouble breathing after the band? For the first week I was so short of breath when talking/walking it was weird and I chalked it up to being extra gas in me that was maybe compressing my lungs or something. Well after a week I called the surgery center to ask if it was normal and they said that I shouldn't be having that much trouble breathing just because of gas pains and that if it continued I should come in and see them. So I went out and researched a bit on the net about shortness of breath after lap band and found that alot of people who had hiatal hernias repaired during surgery had this shortness of breath after......well I thought and thought and remembered that the day of surgery when I first came out of anesthesia and they just got me and about to go do the barium swallow test that I had heard the my doctor telling someone that he had repaired a hernia. Of course, I was soooo out of it and going in and out of focus that I assumed he was talking to someone else in post op and didn't think nothing of it and actually completely forgot about that moment until I started reading this thing. So I thought, what if he was talking to ME!!!????
I called them today and asked the post op nurse to pull my chart and see if I had hernia repair during surgery and guess what????? She called me back and said I sure did! So I had a hernia and didn't even know it and then forgot that the doctor told me I had one!!!!! Holy mess! Crazy huh? So that explains my shortness of breath and the pain I STILL have when I breathe in deeply. Also my tummy is still swollen in the port area and they said the hernia repair can cause a bit of extra swelling. Soooo there is is? And it also explains all the pain I have had for years under my ribcage and the reflux! Heck I thought I had IBS, gallstones, etc forever I was self diagnosing and the whole time it was a dang hernia! Who'd a thunk it? hehe Well I am super glad it was fixed! yay! And I am feeling much better and almost back to normal.

Oh my incisions are itching like crazy today!!!!!!!!! And my glue on them hasn't even budged a bit! I can't believe it will be on there for another 4 weeks!

Now onto heavier subjects...I am a little discouraged. I will be able to start mushies on Wednesday but I haven't lost any more weight! I am just hovering between 191 and 192. Heck I weighed 193 the day of surgery so technically I have only lost like 1 pound since surgery? WTF???? I don't get it! I have been following my post op diet to the letter and I know I don't get more than like 500 calories a day! Is my metabolism shot or what???? I have noticed a difference in my clothes and they are getting loose but I expected a good size weight loss post op! Anyone else have these issues? What happened, did the weight loss pick up once solids foods came back? Just trying to figure out what to expect!


  1. My doc said he fixes hiatus hernia in about 80% of his patients when he puts in the lapband. I don't have any reflux anymore (was on Zantac before surgery and knew I had a hernia). I do find when I walk long distances I start to feel pressure under my diaphragm so think it must be from this too. I'm just 4 weeks postop (Surgery Feb 10th) so I guess we are going through almost the same time. I lost 4 pound the week after surgery but since then Nada. Everyone told me to be patient. I have my first fill this afternoon so hope to see it drop. Frustration is the word. I guess I thought I would wake up from surgery and 60 pounds would be gone--I wish!

  2. Yeah I hear ya! I think I was hoping for the same 60lbs to fall off overnight! hehe Well good luck on your first fill. My first appt with the doc is April 2nd and I will have techinically my second fill because I was filled 4cc during surgery but as far as the whole being awake for it part it will be my first time! How exciting!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!