Wednesday, June 2, 2010

13 weeks Post Op Scar pictures!

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's post everyone! Although no one really knew what to say about my pondered thoughts! I was hoping one of you experts out there would have busted out a perfectly logical explanation for my findings, but no luck! And poor Sandy Lee....unfortunately I DO still have my scars from surgery! It's just in the belly ring photo it didn't show. So it made me realize I haven't posted a photo of my incisions for a while! So here they are in all there crappy glory! My stomach looks swollen today too.

Also, I forgot to mention that I had my very FIRST stuck episode on Monday and lemme tell ya, it was AWFUL and PAINFUL. I ate a piece of BBQ chicken (the skin) that my mom had cooked for Memorial Day and then a tiny bite of steak and then a bite from a mini corn on the cob. Unfortunately like a dumb dumb I took all of these bites basically at the same time and then chewed for a while. I felt a little twinge in my chest (same pain I feel with the first bite of everything I eat) and didn't think much of it because that always happens with the first bite! NOT THIS TIME....the pain just grew and grew and I felt as though I couldn't swallow or breathe really. So I went to the bathroom hoping to PB (have never done that either) and tried to and made all the motions etc and....nothing. No PB just stuck, stuck, stuck and immense pain that hurt so damn bad it had me in tears and terrified. That's some scary sh*t! I punched my chest and then coughed really hard to see if I could dislodge whatever of the 3 no no's that I ate was stuck and after about 5-10 minutes the feeling passed. Needless to say I was too scared to eat anymore of that plate!

Strange though because I have been having that stuck feeling alot more often this last weekend. I ate a baked potato last night (I know, I know, BAD JESSICA!) and I figured hey, it's mushy it should go down smoothly but nope! I had that stuck pain a few times eating that too (only lasts seconds each time though). Maybe I irritated my band. I have no trouble eating my oatmeal for breakfast at least! I guess the trick is chew, chew, chew!


  1. Five more huh? I have 5 too! We're twins with our tats and our pink bikinis!

  2. Oh I know that feeling of being stuck is terrible huh! As for having maybe irritated your band? You betcha. In my humble opinion every time we unknowingly/unwillingly do this to ourselves it gets a lil swollen. I usually try to eat very soft foods or liquids for a day or so to let it settles, ie soups, yogourt, shakes. Baked potato what's that? I haven't been able to eat potatoes in any form since I got restriction so pay attention to how your band tolerance are changing you might be like me!

  3. oh. my. gosh. that is scary!! i have never heard of "stuck" gets stuck?? how awful! and what is pb?? your blog is soooo interesting!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!