Monday, June 28, 2010

New Tattoo! Oh yeah

Well we did it! We got our tattoo I was talking about on Friday and I even threw in a little twist and told Mary we should not only get the latin phrase but our zodiac signs to go with it! Have a look see below:

This is me wencing in pain...
Still shrieking in pain....

And finally the product. Gemini sign and the saying
alter ipse amicus-a friend is another self.

And my weight loss trek is on the usual! I guess I am doomed to stay in the 180's for the rest of my freakin life!!!! All thanks to my non-existent mental capacative ability to stop stuffing my face. (not sure if capacatative is even a word but oh well, A for effort right?) I ate like crap all weekend. Mexican food here, chips and dip there, and all kinds of devil food! I only have myself to blame. Oh balls!


  1. love your tattoo! So freaking cute.

  2. Cute tattoos! I've always loved they way they look on other people's feet, but I know when I have something on my foot (a scratch, a bug bite, a bruise) it distracts me to no end when I catch it out of the corner of my eye! Does having a tattoo there do the same thing to you? Do you get over it?

    I'm definitely going to get one when I reach goal, I know what design I want, I just can't decide on where I want it! You seem like an expert - help!

  3. I like the tattoo too! I am thinking of getting one when I reach goal too so that I have something to remind me of my long, hard journey. I like the idea of the foot because it can be hidden if needed. Very cool!

  4. Well good God - you just go right out and do it don't you? I'm getting ladybugs on my foot this month so I can't wait to show you! Please tell Mary I'm praying for her and her family. I'm glad she has you!

  5. Super cute tattoo. You know, you're a very small 180, you look very tiny in all your pics. This mental block will pass, you just have to wait it out, but you'll get back it.. just stay aware! Its the best you can do for now.

  6. you will NOT be in the 180's your whole life! you are doing great. dont get too hard on yourself...

  7. Love the tat!

    I wish I weighed 180.

  8. I agree, you do look smaller than 180! And I love all of your tattoos!

    I only have 2 but my 2nd one was a BIG ONE! It covers 1/2 of my calf. But at least anyone who sees it, knows that I love Hawaii!! In fact, I get asked that all the time!

    Aren't they addicting? I didn't get my first one until 3 yrs ago at age 52!! And my 2nd one 2 yrs ago. And I am looking forward to my next one!!


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