Friday, June 18, 2010

Where did BYOC go????

Ok. Maybe I am posting a lil early today but damnit, where is BYOC???? Draz is slacking? I don't believe it for a minute! So I am considering this an "in-between" post. A short response to yesterday's comments and then I will wait for BYOC to arise!

So to answer some of your theories about my fatigue issues.

#1: NOPE, not pregnant! For one, I have PCOS and fertility issues. For two, I have been on birth control pills for like 7 years and unless they all of a sudden stopped working, then this theory is out!

#2: Anemia, well ya know I was told a few years ago by a doctor whom I was seeing for a weight loss program (go figure!) that my iron count was a tad on the low side but not enough to be anemic. He did prescribe me some iron pills to try but I never took any of them because I was worried about iron overdose. I guess anemia is a solid possibility especially now since I am eating less than usual. But it's just funny to me how it has "all of a sudden" become a problem. Like why now??? ya know?

#3: Vitamin Deficiency: This is also a possibility. @Sandy Lee, yes I take my vitamins every single day. I NEVER miss. I am used to this routine thanks to taking my BC for so many years. I take a chewable multivitamin, B12 sublingual liquid, and calcium chews on a daily basis. And I am actually going to buy some flaxseed oil today to start taking daily.

Could it be that I may not be eating enough protein? I mean I eat more meat now than I ever have but it's not very much. I have said it in a previous post that I was vegetarian for over a year a few years ago and I have never been a big "carnivore" hehe. But you would think if I could go over a year with no meat and my main protein source was beans and legumes that it wouldn't be a problem now that I am eating meat. Heck who knows. Last night was better. I stayed up the whole time (no nap time) and I felt fine.

I forgot to mention that my husband is working nights this month so by the time I get off of work and get home he is already gone and the only time we see each other is when he gets home in the morning but I am still sleeping. So by the time I wake up he is already asleep. It absolutely sucks!!! So it could also emotional fatigue because I am very lonely when he works nights. Although this fatigue doesn't seem emotional.
Your guesses are as good as mine, though. If it doesn't improve I will go get some blood work done!


  1. Duuuuddeee - I took the morning off to shop. BYOC is coming!

  2. if you do end up being anemic, be careful taking the iron pills, they can wreak havoc on your...ahem....bathroom proceedings :-) when i feel like my iron is too low (yes i can tell lol) i just eat some iron rich foods :-)

  3. haha@Draz! You better get on it Lady!

    @Carmen: Yes I am def aware of that issue. I read all about iron pill several years ago and that is another reason I didn't take them. Wouldn't they have seen iron issues in my blood work I did for the band?


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!