Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy Days!

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!
Usually I like the rain, but not lately. It has been raining every frackin day and my band is squeezin the life out of me thanks to that! Ugh!
I don't have much to chit chat about just wanted to drop by and say..... Heeee-ayyyyy!
A sweet blogger left me a comment on my post from yesterday asking how in the world I consumed so much food at Golden Corral on Sunday if I have the band.
Well unfortunately I didn't specify that each thing I listed was literally a bite or two. No HUGE servings. So probably about 2 cups of food total (maybe a tad more) but believe me I was very full after about a cup of that but I just kept going. Good way to stretch my pouch huh? Stupid me! Sorry for the confusion. The band does lessen the amount of food you can eat but you can STILL overeat if you choose to deal with the pain that comes with it. I can't believe I haven't learned yet. But technically this last fill is the only fill that has given me this kind of restriction and I honestly am starting to think that I am incapable of a PB. Mary has no problem PB'ing. She gets that stuck/pain feeling and goes to the bathroom, up it comes, and she's good to go. NOT ME!!!! I just sit and deal with that sharp pain that hurts so bad sometimes I am afraid to breathe. She seems to think that maybe I just have no gases/air beneath the food to thrust the food up. But really? I don't think that's it. I have even tried to PB to lessen the pain and nothing happens. I have never been good at throwing up though. It doesn't usually come naturally. Who knows!

But today is a "Who-gives-a-frack-day". I was already bad and ate a couple breaded steak fingers, 1 piece of toast, and steak fries with cream gravy, ranch, and ketchup for lunch. I like a variety to dip my food in. I ate waaaaay too much AGAIN and was very full. I hate myself for doing that crap. I just know on my next visit to the doc they will be like "hey cracka, your band slipped thanks to you stuffing yourself! Way to go!"
Crap, what's wrong with me????


  1. Happy Who-gives-a-frack-day. I love it. And tomorrow will be better. I hope the sun comes out. I get another fill tomorrow morning and think I am so close to the green zone it is freaking me out. I can eat but I'm really not thinking about food. Give the fills a chance to do their magic. The moment will come. And you shouldn't have to PB to have success.

  2. Indeed - who gives a good frack? I do! I do!

    Drazeee LOVES the rain! And Drazeee loves you!

  3. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better eating day and the sun will shine.

  4. The crap weather makes me want to eat crappy as well. You will get back on track... and the sun will shine again someday! xo

  5. Crappy weather always makes me want to hibernate!

  6. I will swap you some rain you can have the heat...From now on every wednesday will be Who gives a frack day...If it official I WILL use it....

  7. I used to never be able to throw up too...now I am a PRO!!! What a great thing to be good at hey??? Ease up on the guilt...you are going great!!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!