Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hells Bells...grrrr

Short note: Apparently my eating habits from the last couple of days finally caught up with me! Yup I stepped on the scale and gained a WHOPPING 1.2lbs bringing me to like 184.0!!!!!! Damn, damn, double damn! I am sooooo frustrated dudettes and dudes! So question: My buddy at work is always telling me that if you eat good for a couple of days and then eat bad for a couple of days then the eating bad days don't show up on the scale til a few days later. Like it takes your body a couple days to process the bad stuff you ate and to pack on the pounds. Is that true???? Sure seems like it!

That is all.


  1. I do not know cuz I eat bad every You need a plan my dear...not a diet but maybe a plan. Like points or eating clean or something to follow and lead you so that your happy brain can't lead you astray. Have you ever planned your meals for an entire day? I plan mine for a week. Every Sunday I make enough eggs and sausage for 5 breakfasts. 10 eggs, 5 sausages. Then I make enough chicken breast, broccoli with cheese and potatoes for dinner. Then I have a white board showing the fam what's for supper. Without this plan - my brain runs amuck and I want to grab take out or anything just to not have to think about what to have. Planning is so good - takes out the guessword and my brain knows what I will be having. Saves money too! You should maybe try it! Just a thought.

  2. I am not sure but my BFF says if it goes on quick it comes off get moving on getting it off quick...always works for me...oh and don't beat yourself up about it!!!

  3. I always feel like whatever I do, whether it be binge or jog and eat healthy, never shows up on the scale the next day.

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Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!