Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Bday, Bikini photos, and very FIRST PB!!!!

What a weekend! So I have much to tell, hopefully the shorter version for your sake! hehe Ok so Sunday was my 24th birthday (yuk) I hate aging. Anyhoo I had a great birthday weekend for the most part. Friday night I hung out with a bunch of friends at Mary's brother's house. We drank some and I had my fair share of Crown Royal, yup bad idea! haha I was sick as a dog that night and the next day! So we woke up on Saturday and went and had lunch at Cracker Barrel (I love it there). I had the meatloaf with mac and cheese, green beans, and fried apples! No I couldn't eat it all but I wanted to! :) Then we left there and went out on Mary's brother's pontoon boat. We swam for hours and finally left there and went back to her brother's house again to hang out and have some drinks (again!). I didn't drink much though just a little moscato. Then Sunday Mary and I met my Mom and stepdad and some of my sisters at a seafood restaurant in town.

I got lots of nice presents from them and from Mary. Some friends from work pitched in and got me a $90 gift card to Ross. I am going to save that until I lose some more weight though. The hubby bought me a wii and I bought The Biggest Loser game and Super Mario Bros. yesterday for it! Lots of fun! And let me tell you, that wii kicked my ass on Saturday. It came with wii Sports and wii Resort Sports and I played one round of each game and oh my gosh! am I so sore all over. Great workout and sooo much fun!

Next on the agenda...I bet ya'll are chomping at the bits to see my so-called bikini pics that I mentioned in the title. Well I bought a bikini on Friday night to possibly wear to go swimming on Saturday. And then Mary bought me a bikini for my bday. So I am taking a deep breath....here we go:

This is the one I bought on Friday. It's lime green and brown.

This is the green bikini Mary bought me. It's really pretty material
And here's a funny, it's the green version of Drazil's hot pink bikini!

Now for the hardest part....the butt!!!

I zoomed in as much as possible...ugh I was really worried about
how my ass looked in this thing.

Now....for my first PBstory! It happened today! Yesterday when I ate lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich and it was the worst stuck pain ever!!! I thought I might get sick so I rushed to the bathroom and the pain went away. I guess moving around dislodged it. But then today at lunch I had about 3 bites of my food and I felt that damn pain again and I sat around for like 5 minutes turning and beating my chest and back and stretching hoping it would stop. It was the worst so far. And I decided to walk to the bathroom again like I did yesterday in hopes that it would fix it and I was halfway to the bathroom and my mouth started watering like crazy and I knew I was gonna be sick. I barely got the bathroom door shut and turned around over the potty and bam! I opened my mouth and up it came! (TMI?) I was relieved that Mary was right about it not being like normally throwing up or vomiting. There was instant relief and I felt just fine. I ate most of the rest of my food with no problem! CRAZY! I dreaded this and it wasn't too bad. It's the stuck pain that sucks soooo very badly.

Anyhoo...well that's it for today. Amazingly I didn't gain a bunch of weight over the weekend, I actually lost 2lbs. Woo hoo! I just wish I would get to the 170's already!


  1. Ouch and you look great in both bikini's!

  2. You look so cute in the bikinis. And Happy belated Birthday! Sounds like you had fun. I'm just so close to the 170's too so maybe we will get there together.

  3. Lookin' good in both of your new bikini's.

    I have not pb'd yet either and I am dreading it. Glad it wasn't SO bad.

  4. Great - now I want a green one. That's it - I'm banning you from taking pictures. Wanna trade?
    Never tell me I'm hot again - cuz you're hotter. So there.

  5. Happy belated birthday! I love the bikini's! You look great!

  6. YUK...not the bikini the PB. You look great...noce colours on you and Happy Birthday

  7. Thanks everyone! Draz, oh hush!

  8. WTH? Do you even have any scars??

  9. you reallly really look AWESOME!!!!

  10. @Joey, yes I have scars. They may look faded in the pic but believe me they are very noticeable up close! I am still looking for a better fading cream for them.
    @SG, thanks!!! :)


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!