Monday, June 7, 2010

Just call me Dracula! hehe

Happy Monday peeps! Thx for the comments on my BYOC Friday post. Draz, you crack me up! I am just tickled pink that you would enjoy carrying me around in your purse.....although I would feel sorry for your shoulder! hehehe I am proud of that picture! :)  Oh and HELLO! To my new followers. Thanks for tagging along on my journey. Hope I don't bore you tears. :P

Well I will admit that I backslided a lil over the weekend. Not too too bad but still. I snacked instead of planning things smoothly. So I ended up eating Mexican candy and munching on tuna and crackers and tostitos scoops and salsa con queso dip. We made shrimp, beef, and chicken shish kabobs on Saturday night and I had eaten so many damn chips by the time they were done I only ate like 1 skewer because I was full. (Smacking myself) ouch!

Then yesterday Mary and I were gonna head over to Golden Corral for their delish buffet and then hit the mall to walk around and burn some calories off and what happens???? SIDE SWIPED! Yup....some psycho b*tch ran into Mary's truck on the interstate. No we are not hurt and yes the truck has a big dent in the driver's side all because the stupid girl fell asleep behind the wheel! CRAZY! And of course I was ready to kick her ass and jumped out of Mary's truck like a bat out of hell to see the damage and possibly to do some beat down but the girl was chill and didn't say much. Thanks to all the excitement and my adrenaline pumping when we got to Golden Corral I ate carb after carb after carb including mac and cheese, roast and potato, fried popcorn shrimp, cold pasta salad, black eyed peas, candied yams with marshmallows, etc! Then as I was about to hork my guts up I some how managed to squeeze in 2 bites of molten chocolate lava cake, 1/2 of a cherry coconut macaroon, 2 jelly beans, and 2 bites of watermelon!!!!!!!!! But believe me, I regretted it!!!! Oh my gosh, did I regret it. I was in pain for 2 hours at least. And I have certified that my band pain is definitely worse when it's about to rain/raining! It def gets tighter. And to make matters worse I bought some fresh bing cherries at the walmart last night and ate 1/2 the bag late last night. They are addictive. So there's a pound of sugar I didn't need! So needless to say I weighed this morning and gained 2 lbs. I actually reached 181.2 on Saturday morning and jumped for joy cuz that made my 25lb loss but as soon as it went!

And long weekend story short: Friday Night we went to the rodeo and saw a couple bands and hung out with some friends, had fun! Saturday we went out on the boat and swam a lil bit. And of course my super pale skin got a lil burned regardless of the hat I wore, sunglasses, and umbrella! hehe I am like a vampire. Allergic to sunlight...ugh Here are few pictures from the weekend.

Me and Mary drinking margaritas in a bag! hehe

My buddy Jessica and me...(there's a Jessica around every corner!)

Me, Cayla, Mary, Nikki, and some girl named Megan (I think)
sweating like pigs in the hot summer night! It was HOTTTT out there.
My gosh Texas humidity sucks! :)


  1. Love the pics and YES I would so carry you around in my purse! You could pop your cute little head out whenever I need an opinion or a joke or a smack. You'd do that for me right?

  2. You look great....and you are so lucky you were not killed by that lady

  3. what a scare!! sooooo i guess i dont understand the band....i thought you COULD NOT eat much with did you get eat that big dinner?


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