Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bang, bang, bangs!!!

Well I finally made the leap bangs!!!
I haven't had bangs in years upon years and I wanted to do something different with my hair to compliment 25lbs lost! :) I always thought bangs weren't for chubby faces but I kinda like it! Whatdya think? Be brutally honest, I can take it. I promise I won't break down in sobs if you tell me my face looks like a can of cinnamon rolls that exploded! No really, I won't! In case you haven't figured it out, I am slightly on the fence about said bangs and I go back and forth on whether I like them or not. Appreciate your opinions, as always!

Another thing, I have been a naughty little biah, eating whatever Satan throws at me like....Taco bell, giant stuffed baked potatos, macaroni, chips, basically all food of the devil! I figure foods that make us fat must be from hell, don't you agree? That's why they are so tempting! Yeah, I am trying to decide if I want to get another fill soon or if I wanna wait it out. I have stuck pain daily, even when I am eating good and I PB'ed for the first time the other day. So I am not sure. It's like half the time I need a fill and the other half I don't. What to do...?

Also, I wanted to touch base and see if anyone else has experienced the following since being banded:

*Extreme fatigue upon waking in the morning
*Fatigue throughout the day
*Fatigue after eating meals
*Inability to stay awake at work
*Cat nap has become a dinosaur nap (3 hours or more)

Why do I ask? Well because I am experiencing all of the above and it is freaking me the hell out. I feel that something is just "off". The last couple of weeks I have been extremely tired. Tired all of the time. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I've been hit by a truck. It takes a good 30 minutes to feel "awake". Also after lunch, I feel fatigue hit me like lightning and there has been a couple instances that I fell asleep at my desk for a millisecond (this is unusual). Then whether it's a workout day or not I will eat dinner and flop down on the couch to watch my shows and within 30 minutes I feel exhausted!!! I can't keep my eyes open and I pass out and don't wake up for hours. Then I wake up just long enough to take a shower, feed my pets, and I am back to bed for the rest of the night. It's like I am sleeping the majority of the night away. Usually I have plenty of energy at home and I will do chores, watch tv until about 11pm sometimes midnight and then head to bed and now I can't get through one movie/episode of anything before I pass out!

Anyone else dealt with this? I don't wanna go to the doctor for this. The last time I had fatigue issues a few years ago the doctor did a blood panel and everything was fine and he suggested that I diet and exercise!!!! Got that covered now so what's the problem?


  1. First of all, I LOVE the bangs. I don't think you have a chubby face at all. The hair style is very flattering.

    Second of all, I think you should go to the doctor about the fatigue. My thoughts are: #1 - pregnancy? #2 - not eating enough to sustain life #3 - mono or some other medical issue

  2. I love the bangs, and I'm with Amanda, definitely go get some blood work done. You might be anemic or something. I hope you feel better soon. Fatigue is not normal.

  3. You go to doctor, please. It could be a lot of things-thyroid, B12, anemia, taco overdose! It usually just means some simple blood tests. Are you taking your vitamins (something I forget all the time). Or maybe Amanda is right and you are preggers. LOL.

  4. LOVE the bangs!! they make you look older...ummm i mean that in a good way! lol :-)
    secondly regarding the fatigue etc...def go to the doctor, it may be anemia...i have very low iron & i have all those symptoms!

  5. Love the bangs hot stuff! I agree, see the DOC!

  6. The bangs rock! You look adorable. Please do go to the doctor!

  7. Love your bangs! Not to be personal but my first thought was preggers. BUT, having the band there is a risk for anemia so you should go to the dr and get checked! You may neeed to do something simple like eat more fruit-who knows!!

    Go get checked out! I love the bangs!

  8. hahahaha!! oh, yeah. satan has been tempting people with food since the garden of eden!!!

  9. Pregnant?? My first thought. :)

  10. Oh, and you've been selected to receive The Beautiful Blogger Award!! Check it out here!


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