Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dinner photos and depression commencing!

Well I thought this stupid thing posted last night when I did it from my phone but I guess not so here it is:

Meatloaf, green beans, and yams all on a plate a tad bigger than a CD case.

And guess what happened? The unthinkable! The unmentionable! The catastrophe! I weighed this morning and am back up to 178.6lbs!!!! So I gained 6oz since yesterday. DAMN IT!!! I didn't think my slight increase in calories would do it but I guess I was wrong. I also think I have been consuming too much fat again. So I have tweaked my plan again and I am going to take carbs back out and watch the fat a little more. Plus I didn't exercise yesterday because I have been so sore.

I forgot to mention the day before yesterday I did the Hip Hop Abs Cardio burn DVD. (The hubby ordered it like a year ago and watched it ONE time! He just had to have it! and hasn't thought of it since) So I figured I would try to put some use to it. It is a pretty good workout. Within 20 minutes I felt exhausted but I pushed through the entire 35 minutes of it non-stop hip hop dancing and moves. I was sweating my ass off by the time I was done. Not a bad work out at all. But I have been so sore and I think I pulled something in my neck because I get sharp pain when I put my head down and it shoots all the way into my shoulder blade!

I have decided I want my own treadmill. I know this sounds silly but I think I could do alot more with becoming a runner if I didn't have the self-conciousness at the gym. I still want my membership to use the various machines so I don't get bored but I hate running at the gym. I feel like people are watching me. I am not used to running and I feel like I look funny/unstable, like I don't know what I am doing. You know the movies where the geeky cheek is running down the streety with old school sweat bands on and gym shorts and tube socks and she just looks whack? Well that's how I feel. I want to improve before I have an audience. I would run outside but the town I live in doesn't exactly have paved paths. We have fields and the one time we tried that we came home and found ticks on our clothes!!!! So yeah, no thanks. I'll pass on the lyme disease. So I def. want my own treadmill. Problem is, where the hell would I put it in my quaint little trailor??? I will figure it out!

anyhoozle...that's it for today....maybe

Oh I almost forgot
Menu for today:

Breakfast: click shake
Lunch: Strawberry greek yogurt with slivered almonds (1 tbsp)
Snack: 2 laughing cow french onion cheese wedges (70 cal) and 3 pickles and maybe 1/2 slice of meatloaf from last night (110cal)
Dinner: Most likely leftovers from last night, so meatloaf 1/2 slice, yams, and green beans
Snack:??? don't know yet all I know is it won't be carbs or heavy fat

tata for now kitties! smooches


  1. Most treadmills these days fold up so they don't take up too much room. Santa, are you listening?

    I am at a loss why you're having such a hard time. My only thought is that you shouldn't put much stock into the day-to-day weights. Either weigh once a week or only look at the weekly figure. From day-to-day you can have hormonal fluctuations, water weight, etc. and that number can make you crazy. But it looks like you've been about the same since May. How's the restriction? Do you need a fill?

  2. I weigh every day, but I also know in my heart and mind that I can't get upset about daily weight fluctuations. So if you choose to weigh every day, then please don't get frustrated by a small gain! Look at weekly figures only!! It will save your sanity!

    Adding more calories is a good thing I promise, don't let a small gain get you down!

  3. Hehehe...Alice in Chains Unplugged! Nice!

    I agree with Janelle, I weight every day knowing I'm going to bounce like crazy. I record my "new low" and then bounce up and down for a few days, and within a week or so I'm usually at another new low. That's just how my body is.

  4. Hide the scale, I'm about to have to do that again!

  5. LOVE having my own treadmill. Especially in the winter - not leaving the gym sweaty out into the cold is a big deal. And it's ALWAYS there and I get to watch what I want to watch. I think you'll love one if you get one.


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