Monday, December 27, 2010

Thank goodness it's over!

I'm baaaaack! Not like I was gone too too long but never the less I have returned. Christmas was decent for me. Did lots of driving to and from everywhere the entire weekend (my least fav part of the holidays) but the time spent with everyone was very nice. I enjoyed that. I don't have many pictures surprisingly and the few that I do have are blurry so I will spare you all that enjoyment. Sorry! :(

I did my fair share of eating like a frickin maniac over the weekend as well but I promised myself that I would start fresh today and I have. So that's a plus. I didn't take any leftovers from my mom's house. And yesterday I rid the kitchen of all the sweets including the frosted sugar cookies my boss baked that were entirely too decadent for comfort. It felt good to throw it away though. No more little sugary bastards in the kitchen whispering my night.....right before bedtime. No more. I also didn't get nearly enough water in on any of these days. Bummer...

So my fridge and pantry are stocked with yummy healthy foods to cook all week. Last night I baked my mini breakfast quiches for the week and put 2 muffin cups in individual ziploc bags and stuck them in the freezer. I tried them this morning and they were actually very tasty although I don't really care for salty foods in the morning. It will be an adjustment to have these every few days. I also bought 2 large containers of plain greek yogurt and I prepared them last night with 3 splendas and some cinnamon in each one and then seperated them out into 1 cup containers for my daily snack. These 2 items are staples in the South Beach diet. Routine foods work best for me.

I am up a couple of pounds thanks to all of my holiday feasting. (FIGURES) I weighed this morning at 182.2lbs. Not very happy with myself because I said that the 180's were gone for good. Guess I can't say that until I get under 175 for once. Oh well I am feeling good about the start of this thing. I will still be focusing on calories but with more focus on carbs and sugars.

Menu for today:

Breakfast: 2 mini quiche cups made with egg beaters, sliced mushrooms, bell pepper, turkey bacon, and LF shredded cheese. (300cal, <2g carbs)
40oz water
Lunch: 4 grilled garlic lime shrimp, 3oz of sirloin steak, a few bites of lettuce and about 1 tsp jalapeno ranch dressing (285cal, 2g carbs)
40oz water
Snack: plain greek yogurt with some splenda and cinnamon and 1 tbsp of chopped walnuts (186cal, 10g carbs)
16oz water
Dinner: 4oz grilled chicken breast with melted LF cheese, asparagus and 1/4c garbanzos baked with cracked pepper, sea salt, and olive oil (128cal, 9g carbs)
Dessert: Sugar-free fudgesicle (40cal, 10g carbs)

Total calories: 1053 Total Carbs: about 31g
Water: 96oz

I figured out where the legs are to my mini trampolene so I want to put it together tonight and start using it on days I don't go to the gym.


  1. Sounds like you have a great plan in place!

  2. Your title = my feelings exactly!

  3. That is one delicious sounding menu! You know what they say - Those who fail to plan; plan to fail. Not you! You so got this!

  4. The good thing is that I bet those couple of pounds will come off quickly! Here's to a healthy kitchen and getting back on track!

  5. The holidays are hard, but you have a great plan!

  6. Me too-got rid of all the junk. Just a few chocolates left but my son will eat em up. Love the blog pic. Happy New Year back at you.

  7. JESS!!!! You got this! I was laughing out loud at your last comment on my blog. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

    don't stress over the few pounds. Every person in America got them too. It's normal, and we're all doing it. Let's just start working them back off!!!!

    Are you ready to go carb free (ish) again? I am if you are!!!!




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