Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Xmas Banquet Dress photos!

Well damn, damn, double damn. After reading your comments on yesterday's post I am super bummed. I have been reading about calorie deficits all day and then I read your comments and it all makes sense. I figured up my TDEE (maintenance calories) and it's like 1940. I know the rule of thumb is to do a 500 calorie deficit from that number to lose fat/weight. So that would mean I should consume 1440 calories per day to lose weight steadily without slowing down my metabolism. And obviously I am eating 500 less than that number and that's not good. I know!

It also said to NEVER go 1000 below your maintenance calories so I think a 600 calorie deficit sounds ok. So I am going to increase my calories to 1300 a day and hope and pray I don't gain tons of weight doing that. I don't think my metabolism has been shot in just 2 short weeks of this low-cal plan I have done. But I still want to gradually up the calories so I will probably do 200 calories for a few days and then go up another 200 calories and that should do it. I am going to increase my exercise too hopefully making up for that increase.

@ Sandy Lee: Yeah I know my body responds to low carb but the higher fat bypasses that I think. In the past I have tried to lower my carbs to very little and then increase healthy fats and I still seemed to either gain or not lose at all. That probably has alot to do with all those calorie dense foods I was eating too. Lately I have been under the recommendation on my carbs and over on my protein. I like that though. I am going to try to keep that trend going but just up my calorie intake.

@Janelle: I hate that I have been losing muscle. I hoped that would not happen. But the more I read about it, the more I believe that's  why my weight loss has stalled again.

It's depressing when it seems like I am either eating too much or too little and never just right. I feel like back in July when I was really watching my calories then, that I was eating about 1400 calories a day which is what is recommended to lose (as stated above) and it worked for about a month and then all of a sudden I plateaued again. So that's why this time I drastically decreased my calories because before that amount stopped working for me. I hate having to test things out over and over to find just the right thing for me. I feel like when I think I find it, it changes again and then I am back to square one looking like a frickin do-do bird.

Well I said I would post photos of my in the 2nd dress that I bought for my employer Christmas banquest this weekend. Here it is:

It was fairly tight when I tried it on in the store and I had to have the bestie help me zip it (side zipper) by sucking in and doing other amazing tricks to get it done. Last night when I tried it on I zipped it myself and the top half is loose now. I will probably have to pin it to keep it up this weekend.

Menu for today:

Breakfast: Click Protein shake (120 cal.)
Lunch: Pineapple greek yogurt and 1 tbsp of gourmet nutty fruit mix (230 cal.)
Snack: 1oz mild cheddar cheese and 3 small pickles (121cal)
Dinner: Chicken broccoli rice and cheese casserole (1 cup serving is approx. 400 calories!)
Snack: Unsure but I am going to try and make it something for about 150 calories to up my intake starting today.

That's it for now everyone. I hate to sound like a broken record on every post bitching and whining about this but like anyone, I hate it when I can't figure out how to do something right. So please bare with me and thanks for the comments in advance.



  1. I think you will see some results with your current plan in place!

    I love the dress!

  2. hang in there you'll do great! That dress looks very nice on you.

  3. SMOKIN!!! Seriously, that dress is killer! The reason we have such a hard time figuring it out is because our bodies adapt and change and we lose weight, they change some more. So we'd be fine if everything stayed constant but it doesn't. That's what this community is for...helping everybody figure it out.

  4. Love the outfit! Hate the stress!

  5. SOOOOO Cute!!! I love it. I am now in the market for a cute dress by Thurs. SHIZA. The hunt begins...NOW!

  6. Super Super cute dress. You look great in it!!

  7. Looks so cute even though it's blurry. Hope you have an amazing time.

  8. Dude you aint even fat?!

    Your da bomb..... why did you get surgery?! ahahah xx

  9. That dress is totally cute...and so are you! Enjoy your holiday parties.

  10. First off - you look SMOKIN!

    Second - I have been through all of this calorie stuff also, which is why I feel fairly confident with what I am doing now - not counting calories! I was eating way less and found out I was probably losing muscle mass and not fat... which sucks! Oh well, you live and you learn. I don't count calories now, just focus on eating right and that allows me to get a natural fluctuation in calories each day, which helps you to lose weight and keep your metabolism going!

    Also, my doctor told me I would plateau every 20 pounds, you are way less than me so I imagine you will plateau every 10 pounds or so.. anyways don't be discouraged by plateaus, just think about how awesome you look right now and enjoy it for awhile! :)


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