Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas! Better Early than late!

I am on vacation tomorrow and won't come back to work until Monday so I won't be posting again until then. I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday weekend to everyone ahead of time. It's been a hectic day today exchanging gifts and goodies has exhausted me and I'm still not done. I get the pleasure of going shopping for some final items when I get off of work and I dread it. Hell, last weekend was asshole to elbow in the stores and it will be even worse today. Aww well, it's my own fault for waiting until the last minute but my brothers are hard to shop for because they are so picky and they are teenage boys. UGH! Not to mention it's my little brother's bday on the 28th so he gets like double presents.

My friend Jessica that I work with got me some new rustic star accent decorations for my house. I have been collecting these here and there because when the hubby and I eventually get our own home I want the rustic country theme all over the house. I love the look so she got me 2 stars for the wall and a hat/coat hook with the 3 star points and then a plaque shaped like a cowboy boot with a metal spur that says "If you don't take off those boots you're gonna get spurred!". I have always asked guests to take their shoes off at the door so this is just perfect for me!

Anyway...enough of that. I will admit my menu plan that I posted for yesterday didn't quite work out the way I typed it. In fact, I didn't eat my yogurt at all. Instead I ate a cookie (like a dumbass) and then once I got home I didn't feel like cooking so the hubby ate leftovers and I ate a couple of slices of turkey breast with some ritz crackers and 1 slice of cheese. Not so bad right? Well then I had to bake brownies for work today so I licked the spoon before I tossed it into the sink. I ate half of a brownie once they came out of the oven (like a dumbass!) because I just had to make sure they tasted ok for everyone. Then I drank 1/2 of a Dr. Pepper the hubby had opened. Then I made ham pinwheels with cream cheese and onion and ate 2 of those because....again...I had to make sure they tasted alright (ha!) and of course they did. So basically I snacked my ass off last night here and there.

Today started off hellacious too. We did our baked goods exchange this morning and had this whole delicous spread set up in our employee lounge for our department. I had a cookie, 2 sausage balls, 1 ham pinwheel, 1/2 pecan sandy, 2 strawberries, and 1/2 of a lemon square. Basically pure junk and tons of sugar. I wonder why I have a migraine??? Hmm...maybe from my blood sugar spiking from overdose. Yeah that's smart, Jessica! And if that's not bad enough...I go to lunch and have a nice array of holiday treats such as: a spoon of green bean casserole, a spoon of broccoli casserole, a spoon of dressing, 1 slice of spiral ham, a spoon of potato salad and another cookie. Yeah can I get some applause here? Anyone? (crickets chirping)

Needless to say I hate myself right now. I can't wait for Monday because this holiday shit will be over with and I will be starting over again for the millionth time. Hopefully my low carb plan is the ticket. If not, I may just throw in the towel will just keep on fighting the fight I've been fighting for the last 12 years. Ya feel me?

Anyway enough of my bitching and moaning. It's Christmas, let's spread joy and cheer! haha

Have a good one lovely people.


  1. Merry Christmas Jess, can't undo the past, so move on and start fresh next time!

  2. Merry Christmas! While some may not agree with me, what's done is done and there's no use kicking yourself over it. Today is a new day. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Look at all the thin people. They were snacking and eating too, just like you. A healthy diet includes ALL foods in moderation. The trick is to not let the snacking put you on a downhill spiral of binging through Valentine's Day. I know YOU won't do that! You had some treats and hopefully enjoyed them. Don't beat yourself up even a little bit!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!